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art . ware

International Seminar De Balie, Amsterdam

Critics Floating in the Virtual Sphere

Will Art Criticism Survive the Digital Age?
AICA Netherlands - Association Internationale des Criticques d’Arts
De Balie - Centre for Culture and Politics

Wednesday December 9, 2009, 14.00 - 17.00 hrs (CET)
Doors open: 13.30
Live webcast:

The digital revolution has profound effects on the status of art criticism. With newspapers and other printed media in decline, the traditional platform for critical reflection on art has shrunk or shifted towards electronic (web-based) media. At the same time the presence of art criticism on the internet is mostly limited to the “blog” – a format that celebrates an impressionistic, subjective and often populistic point of view. More substantial forms of web-based criticism are still rare to be found.

Georg Schöllhammer, editor in chief of Springerin and curator of the Documenta 12 Magazines project.
Regine Debatty, writer and editor of we-make-money-not-art.com.
Arjen Mulder, writer and media theorist.
Jennifer Allen, art critic.

Maria Hlavajova (Basis voor Aktuele Kunst Utrecht)

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Society of the Query Conference

I find it very tiring to reply to every email,greet all friends in FB and make sure I get the right news first. I found I was depressed when I lost mu iphone the other day, not because it is expensive but because I was push out of the online world since then.
I hated it when my phone was offline now all the time and I cannot track it down using the .mac account. I sent out the erased all instruction yesterday. I will forever lost my iphone. Requiem.

Here is a piece of new that I missed :
The need to create order and find meaning in the gigantic quantity of online data has turned the search engine into our most significant point of reference. In this query driven society, The Society of the Query conference seeks to analyze what impact our reliance on resources to manage knowledge on the Internet has on our culture.
They have a fabulous speakers line up including : Matthew Fuller (UK), David Gugerli (CH), Siva Vaidhyanathan (US), Florian Cramer (NL), Lev Manovich (US), Christophe Bruno (FR), Joris van Hoboken (NL) and Teresa Numerico (IT).
Hey wait no IT people and google people....arty, media culture policy people talks about search engine, it is cool.

Date: November 13-14 2009
Location: Trouw Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Organized by: Institute of Network Cultures
Website: www.networkcultures.org/query/about.

星期六, 11月 07, 2009

Blogfest Asia

Bloggers in Asia -- Come Together

6~8 November 2009

Henry Leong Community Center, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

Come join the festival of bloggers in Asia.

1st regional gathering in Hong Kong.

Everyone is welcome!


· Meet bloggers from 20 countries / economies in Asia
· Learn how "Me Media" is making Asia 2.0, addressing "Change & Responsibility"
· Voice out for Hong Kong & for Asia! - 2009 Hong Kong Blogger Con (www.hkbloggercon.asia)
· Free workshops for NGOs and New Media advocates

Featuring :

· ABCA awards
· Charlesc sharing the success of Ma Ying Jeou election utilizing Web 2.0 (netvism.tw)

REGISTER NOW! @ www.blogfest.asia

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Contemporary Art: Who Cares?

I think quite in line with the theme of October Contemporary in Hong Kong, we are all asking who want Contemporary art.
Registration will start in November 2009.

Contemporay Art: Who Cares? will take place at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam from 9 - 11 June 2010. Participants are also welcome at the pre-symposium reception on the evening of the 8th of June.

Tickets to the three-day international symposium will cost:
€ 290
€ 160 for students
Included in the price of the ticket is a copy of the book Inside Installations (working title), which is due for launch in March 2011.

The programme is being created in collaboration by a group of experts from 34 organisations who are working together under the umbrella project PRACTICs. Most of these individuals worked together during the EU project Inside Installations (2004-2007). For more information about PRACTICs follow this link.

Co-organisers of the symposium would like to point out that there will be no call for papers, but there will be a call for posters. This is expected to be sent out in November 2009.

CA:WC will feature plenary lectures as well as a choice of circa 10 parallel sessions per day; discussions, workshops and site visits. There will also be time allocated to poster presentations and networking sessions. The themes for the congress are as follows:

Day 1: Artistic production and collection development

Day 2: Care & conservation

Day 3: Access, presentation & the public

More details on the programme will be posted alongside registration information in November.

If you have any questions about the Contemporary Art: Who Cares? symposium please send an email to contemporaryartwhocares@gmail.com

星期二, 10月 27, 2009

Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Fund Raising Party

Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Fund Raising Party
Date: 22 October 2009 (Thursday)
Venue: Kee Club - 6F 32 Wellington Street, Central
Time: 9:00pm - midnight
Entry Fee: HK$150.00 (In advance), HK$200.00 (At the door)
Both ticket include 1 complimentary drink
Dress Code: Glamour and Sparkle (No shorts or open toe footwear for men)
Tickets hotline : 60422068, 90941314, 97598199 or email to info@hklgff.hk.
Tickets also available at:
1. DS Magazine Office (3150-8912), 2/F Qualipak Tower, 122 Connaught Road West, Sai Ying Pun
2. KEE ( 2810 9000) KEE Club, 6th Floor, 22 Wellington Street, Central
3. Private Structure (2777-7917), 6/F Ko Wah Bldg, 69 Prcival St, CWB

星期日, 10月 25, 2009


Deadline: November 15th, 2009.

The HORS PISTES film festival offers a showcase to unique and audacious videos and films that move away from traditional genres to blend fiction with documentary, contemporary art or experimental formats. The festival, which is non competitive, will be held from February 19th to 28th, 2010, at the Centre Pompidou.
The deadline for entries is November 15th, 2009.

• Any international 25-65 minutes length work completed after January 2008 is eligible for entry.
• No submission fee is required (or requested).
• Works may be screened in theatre in either 16 or 35 mm film format or in Beta or mini DV video.
• DVD of the work is to be sent – accompanied with a DVD copy of the film – imperatively accompanied by the sender’s contacts – at:

Centre Pompidou, services Cinemas
75191 Paris CEDEX 04, France

Note: Works in languages other than French or English must be subtitled in English.

• By taking part in the festival, participants automatically and fully accept all stipulated terms and conditions. The projection of a selected film may not be cancelled by its owner or anyone having rights to this film.

• Works are pre-selected by the organising committee and then shown in a large screen theatre to a selection committee, composed of program planners of the Centre Pompidou (from the Direction du développement culturel service cinema and the Musée national d’art moderne) as well as a member of the Agence du court métrage. The selection committee is not required to justify its decisions.
• Participants whose work has been selected are notified by e-mail no later than February 15, 2010.

• Film copies must be of sufficiently good quality for theatre screening. Any defects or special instructions concerning copies should be mentioned in writing and accompany the submission.
• Every copies of the selected works must be received by HORS PISTES no later than February 1st, 2010.
• Shipment of the copy both to the festival and back to its sender is paid for and organized by HORS PISTES.
• HORS PISTES is responsible for the film copy from the time it leaves the sender until the copy is finally returned. Should the copy be lost, stolen or damaged, HORS PISTES will reimburse any costs related to producing an identical replacement copy, based on a comparison of net prices in different countries.
• Any claims relating to the state of the film copy must be addressed to HORS PISTES no later than 14 days after the festival closes.
• A royalty fee of €100 (before tax) will be paid to the owner of the work.
• When HORS PISTES is travelling the owner accept the diffusion of the film and will be paid €100 also.

• Travel and accommodation expenses of participants wishing to attend the festival may be paid for, partially or totally, by HORS PISTES, at the discretion of the organization.
• All participants will be invited to an HORS PISTES dinner event during the festival.
• Participants agree to attend one of the discussion panels organized during the festival.

星期三, 10月 14, 2009

The first ‘crowd sourced’, ‘user generated’ biennale

Opening Amsterdam Biënnale 2009 + Mediamatic Travel
Friday 16 october 2009, 20 hrs.
Exhibition open until 13 december 2009

The Amsterdam Biennale 2009 is the first ‘crowd sourced’, ‘user generated’ biennale in the world. More than 30 curators from the Mediamatic Travel network present contemporary art from their city.

The exhibition opens on Friday with the pavilions of Kabul, Napels, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Belgrade, Boston, Talinn and Brooklyn. We will have weekly openings of new pavillions untill the end of the exhbition.

The Biennale is a part of Mediamatic Travel, our new travel-office to the contemporary art worldwide. Friday travel.mediamatic.net will go on-line and with Partizan Publik we will present, the Travel Catalogue Destinations 2010.

Opening hours

The Amsterdam Biennale 2009 is opened from 17 October till 13 December 2009. Open from Monday – Friday from 1 pm – 7 pm and Saturday + Sunday from 1 pm – 6 pm.
Location :Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam

There are many interesting ideas in the proposals to the biennial. And the material for the
city pavilions are listed as:
Bamboo Pavilion
Price: €65
Styrofoam Pavilion
Price: €85
Honeycomb Cardboard Pavilion
Price: €185
Inflatable Pavilion
Price: €170

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Piano stairs - The fun theory

Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better” is something we often hear or read in the Sunday papers. Few people actually follow that advice. Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator by making it fun to do? See the results here.


星期五, 9月 11, 2009

New use for 1920s Theremin

Motion controlled gaming’s currently the talk of the town, thanks to the likes of Microsoft’s Project Natal. Now one enterprising Nintendo fan has turned a 1920s musical gadget into a new form of motion-based Mario controller.The unnamed 24-year-old gamer from Glasgow adapted an old Theremin so that he’s able to use it as a motion-sensing controller for Super Mario Bros.

星期日, 9月 06, 2009

Education = Video + Game

Just heard from a secondary school teacher that the final essay for General Studies required by the Examination Authority is 5,000 words. It is ridiculous if a BA course final essay is only 3,000 words. So the other option can be to produce a 20 + minutes video and a shorter essays. bUt that is equally ridiculous because for a good video essay especially 20 minutes long requires the effort of a team of TV professional, journalists, so I guess the quality of video writing is expected to be low or minimal.

I am thinking of the copyright issue and if there are suddenly over 100,000 videos produced, there will be many students:
1. buying camera
2. need help in editing
3. want to see the past project for reference

We are forced to leave the words and the poetry behind. Do we teach media literacy in General Studies ?

Last year I did a bit of research on how new media change educations and knowledge management and I was immediately attracted to teaching via gaming and here is a recent post in the Economist that talks about teaching thru video game.

and the video

星期日, 8月 30, 2009

Write in air with iphone

LED vision peripherals have been in the market since quite some time. 'Light Writer - POV Effect' from Laan labs allows you do the same, i.e. write on thin air using the iPhone. You just type in your message or select a piece of clipart, wave your arm in the air (night works best). Available for $1 at the app store it is completely worth it.

星期四, 8月 20, 2009

Open Everything - Serendipity35: Peer 2 Peer University

Open Everything - Serendipity35

Posted using ShareThis
P2PU is an online community of open study groups for short university-level courses. The pilot "semester" has registration through August 26 and the courses will start on September 9. The semester is 6 weeks.
The courses being offered are:
Introduction to Concepts in Behavioral Economics and Decision Making-
-Copyright for Educators-
-Introduction to Cyberpunk Literature-
-Land Restoration and Afforestation-
-Open Creative Nonfiction - Take Away Narratives-
-Poker and strategic thinking

星期日, 8月 09, 2009

Swiss Video Artist Pipilotti Rist Prepares Exhibition for Joan Miró Foundation

Beside Bill Viola, I think Rist is probably one of the most active video artists in the world.


Barcelona, Spain - The Fundació Joan Miró will be presenting an exhibition by the Swiss videoartist Pipilotti Rist, winner of the 2009 Joan Miró Prize. Pipilotti Rist is currently preparing, for summer 2010, an exhibition at the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona and another at the Centre Cultural Caixa Girona–Fontana d’Or in Girona. Both exhibitions are sponsored by the Fundació Caixa Girona. The artist has shown her work in galleries and museums around the world, including the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and MoMA in New York. She has recently completed her first full-length feature film, Pepperminta, which will be premiered in Switzerland in September this year, and is at present showing “Elixir”, an exhibition at the Kiasma Museum in Helsinki that had previously been at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

More about the Pepperminta that will be launched in cinemas on 10 September.

星期一, 7月 27, 2009

Come Picnic

From 23 to 25 September 2009, thousands of creative minds from all over the world will come together in Amsterdam for the fourth ‘converence(sen)sation’ PICNIC. An inspiring, fascinating and entertaining festival, with several keynote speakers like Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard, Biomedical Gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, and many others.

星期四, 6月 11, 2009

Are you looking for a Muse, a Flatmate, a one–night Adventure or a Sponsor? Mediamatic dating is safe, free and open for everyone.

Mediamatic is the media art organisation in Holland that hosts exhibitions and workshops. I was surprise to see that they have dating service.
Follow this link :

You have to be a member of the website to participate. If you are not a member yet, the website will help you to register first when you click the "New dating profile" link.

Is it an art project?

Yes. You're at Mediamatic.
Is it real?

Of course. You're at Mediamatic.
Is it anonymous?

You can use a pseudonym for your dating profile and even have multiple personalities if you wish! However, always remember that the internet is not the best place for keeping secrets:-) Also, if we detect malicious use, we'll find on you.
What are the rules?

Be NICE. For people that are less civilised: Dutch law applies so no threats, spam, slander, kiddie porn, identity theft or other mayhem please. There are more pleasant ways of being naughty.
Will you sell my data?

How do I get in touch with the other daters?

If you have a dating profile, you can leave messages for others. Your real name will not be revealed. That'll be up to you when you think it's time...
How can I edit my dating profile?

Just click on "EDIT THIS PAGE" at the top left of your profile. (you have to be logged in to do this)
Can I put my own pictures?

Yes. in edit mode, just click the grey camera icon and upload.
How can I delete my Dating Profile?

Choose "Your content" in the grey menu bar. Find your profile in the list and click "delete".
How is the dating site related to the Gastarbeider Dating project?

The Gastarbeider Dating project was the reason to launch this website in January 2008. The Dating site is also part of the Mediamatic Cultural dating project. In this project we explore the potential of cultural organisations as social hubs.
Will the dating site stay after the Gastarbeider project has ended?

Yes. We will continue to support and develop it.
Is this dating project a waste of arts funding?

We don't think so for 3 reasons.
1: The project is sponsored by Mediamatic Lab. That makes it affordable for a small organisation like Mediamatic Foundation.
2: The money and time we do spend on it is well spent because we seriously research and develop the social challenges of the arts and heritage sector with this project. Also the project is an art project in the sense that it forces the user to reconsider their perceptions and preconceptions of their contemporary surroundings. And actually, we feel it is innovative and beautiful too.
3: The project attracts visitors to our website that will also take notice of our other activities. It is effective cultural marketing.
Where can I get more help with using the dating site?

Just play with it. You won't break anything. If you avoid putting your portrait or your name in your dating profile, you probably won't even hurt your reputation with it:-).

Call for Artists: ESSENCE / BORDERS

Deadline for applications: June 30, 2009

email: lucacurci@lucacurci.com

International ArtExpo is selecting all interesting video/short.films to include in the next 2009 Exhibitions, November 14-16, 2009:

ESSENCE / BORDERS - 5th water homage - Culturagua organization at the Institut Alexander Von Humboldt at Villa de Leyva, Boyaca - Colombia (November 14-16, 2009). The deadline for applications is June 30, 2009.

Culturagua is a non-profit organization. The main goal is to educate and make aware through the arts. In order to do it a large area has been dedicated to educating and informing the wider community. This space is called "Tribute to Water" which has been developed since 2005, with presentations of theatres, music concerts, field trips, environmental conferences, art exhibitions, presentation of videos and documentaries.

The number of works with you can participate is unlimited. All works must be on DVD (PAL or NTSC), no matter what the original source medium. The duration may be any, with a preference given to a max lenght of 15 minutes. If you are interested, send your video submissions (Name/Surname, City/Country, Film title, Running time, Brief film synopsis) with a CV/biography, videography and an introduction about the piece to:

arch. Luca Curci
via Casamassima, 75
70010 - Capurso (Bari) - Italy

International ArtExpo is a not for profit organization that provides a significant forum for cultural dialogue between all artists from different cultures and countries. We depend on the support of you. ArtExpo is grateful to all of the institutions, corporations, and individuals who support our efforts. We work with a number of national and international galleries as well as publishers, museums, curators and writers from all over the world. We help artists through solo and group exhibitions, gallery representation, magazine reviews and advertisements, press releases, internet promotion, as well as various curatorial projects.

Participation open to: professional artists, architects and designers, associate groups and studios.

星期日, 6月 07, 2009

Who Are Our Peers? A Conversation Across Creative Disciplines

Sat, Jun 13, 2009
3:00 PM
New Museum Theater, NYC
Rob Giampietro, Marco Roth, and Astra Taylor discuss generational coherence, generational self-consciousness, peer networks, and other themes related to the exhibition The Generational: Younger Than Jesus. Do the definitions of “youth,” “emerging,” and other terms used in the contemporary art world translate to the worlds of graphic design, literary criticism, and independent filmmaking?

Rob Giampietro is a New York-based designer, writer, and teacher. He has written essays and criticism for BusinessWeek, Dot Dot Dot, Design Observer, and Emigre; worked as a designer at Winterhouse, Pentagram, The New York Times Magazine, and elsewhere; and from 2003 to 2008 he was co-founder and principal of the award-winning design studio Giampietro+Smith. He teaches at Parsons The New School for Design and at the Rhode Island School of Design. He is the vice president of AIGA/NY.

Marco Roth is a New York-based editor and critic. He is a founding editor of n+1 magazine, where he currently serves as editor at large. His essays and reviews have appeared in n+1, The Nation, The Guardian, The New York Sun, and elsewhere, and a memoir was published in 2007 in Nextbook. He teaches literature and writing at The New School's Eugene Lang College.

Astra Taylor is a writer and documentarian. She was named one of the twenty-five New Faces to Watch in independent cinema by Filmmaker Magazine in 2006. She co-directed The Miracle Tree, a short documentary about infant malnutrition in Senegal, and directed Žižek! (2003). Her latest film is Examined Life (2008), in which she accompanies some of today’s most influential thinkers on a series of unique excursions through places and spaces that hold particular resonance for them and their ideas. She is the co-founder of Hidden Drive productions.

Knowing that there are four artists of Hong Kong presented in this show, namely Doris Wong,Dozer Pak, Adrian Wong, Eric Siu, what do you think? Who can be the most promising artists in HK?

星期三, 6月 03, 2009

China blocks social media ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

via and the following link
BEIJING - Two days before the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests, mainland netizens have been blocked from using social networking sites including Twitter, Flickr, Hotmail and Microsoft's new search engine Bing.

According to China sources, Twitter became inaccessible in the country at 5pm on Tuesday, widely noticed to be blocked after access of popular external programmes Tweet Deck and Twhirl also became patchy or non-existent.

“We started to notice an even more random and broader approach to website filtering in Beijing over the long weekend just passed. Those of us in the China marketing community are accustomed to heavy-handed filtering of blameless as well as politically sensitive websites, but this week, with the 20th anniversary on Thursday, has largely rendered the web unusable for us,” said Simon Cousins, chief executive of PR agency Illuminant Partners, describing the internet’s performance as “off kilter” all week.

“This latest block of Twitter and Flickr really hurts us, and our ability to service our clients in the mainland. They’re both important business tools.”

Cousins added that access to Tweetie, an iPhone application, via China Mobile was also blocked.

A Beijing-based agency source added that the 2 June blockage was “particularly bad” because his company’s external server based in San Francisco was also unable to process requests for Twitter and Flickr URLs.

The block is a setback for Bing, which only debuted its Chinese-language site this week.

The event followed reports that users on social networking sites also experienced difficulty as pages either stalled or had delayed loading times.

A representative from Yahoo, owner of Flickr, could not be reached in time for press.

星期日, 5月 31, 2009

Ullens Successfully Sells $22.2 Million Worth Of Chinese Art In Beijing

Big news coming out of the Chinese art world today. Bloomberg reports that Guy Ullens, the Belgian industrialist and collector of Chinese art since the mid-1980s, has sold 18 works from his collection for over $20 million (151.7 yuan). Ullens, whose collection is made up of hundreds of pieces spanning centuries of China’s long artistic history, put these works, many of them duplicates or triplicates, up for auction to add to efforts by his popular Beijing museum of contemporary Chinese art to reach out to China’s burgeoning collector base and art enthusiasts.

According to Bloomberg, the huge returns on Ullens’s sale indicates two important developments in the Chinese art world — for one, the quality of the Ullens collection, and two, the motivation of Mainland Chinese collectors to buy Chinese art now. While the Ullens collection has long been considered one of the top collections of traditional and contemporary Chinese art, until recently the local Chinese collector base has stayed out of the picture, mainly sticking to purchasing the occasional western master or ancient Chinese antique. Now, however, as the Chinese New Collector becomes increasingly influential in art auctions around the world, sales like that of Ullens’s artwork are, as we’ve seen in the last year or so, becoming more heavily populated by Mainland buyers.

Bloomberg points out that the success of this sale reflects the trend that we have been observing since before the global downturn struck, of Chinese buyers (and Chinese auction houses) growing in number and influence. This extends not only to the sale of Ullens’s artwork, but to every corner of the auction market, from contemporary and traditiional Chinese art to wines and jewelry. As the article points out as well, the breadth of Ullens’s sale — which included contemporary artists like Zhang Xiaogang, who sold for 15 million yuan to a Chinese buyer — shows that the Chinese collector has truly arrived.

星期五, 5月 29, 2009

Transmediale Award and Vilem Flusser Theory Award 2010

festival for art and digital culture berlin
03 - 07 February 2010

CTM - club transmediale.10
festival for adventurous music and related visual arts
29 January - 6 February 2010

_Call for Entries_

:: Deadline: 31 July 2009
:: Award Ceremony: 6 February 2010, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Complete call, registration information and online submission form at:


As leading international festivals for art and digital culture as well as adventurous music and related visual arts, respectively, transmediale and CTM (club transmediale) are inviting submissions to the transmediale Award Competition 2010 and the Vilem Flusser Theory Award 2010. Invited are art works, projects and positions that respond to the challenges of our rapidly changing digital,technological and networked cultures. The transmediale Award seeks innovative, experimental and visionary works across a wide scope of form, process and practice that embrace, question and enrich our
understanding and relationship to our immersed media and technologically driven society. Entries that exemplify new and critical forms of digital expression and interaction are encouraged, as are works from countries and regions in which digital art and culture are emergent. Submissions of art works for both festivals participate in the transmediale Award 2010 while theoretical abstracts, papers and research oriented positions are invited for the Vilem Flusser Theory Award, with prizes totaling 10.000 EURO.


transmediale presents and pursues the advancement of artistic positions reflecting on the socio-cultural, political and creative impact of new technologies, network practices and digital innovation. As a festival aiming to define the contours of contemporary digital culture, it seeks out artistic practices that not only respond to
scientific or technical developments, but that shape the way in which we think about and experience the technologies which impact virtually all aspects of our daily lives. As such, transmediale understands media technologies as cultural and aesthetic techniques that need to be embraced in order to comprehend, critique, and shape global


CTM (club transmediale) is dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music and sound creation, as well as the diverse range of artistic activities and social practises that develop within and connect to those audio cultures. Thus, the festival reflects on the agency of contemporary sound creation within the cultural fabric of society and its technological and social transformations. It explores the intersections of contemporary music and audio art with other artistic forms and cultural fields. A special emphasis is put on the creative use of new technologies, the interplay of sound with other media formats, the situational potential of live performances, the formation of social networks, and the advancement of a positive form of globalization.


Previous transmediale Award winners have included renowned artists such as Herman Asselberghs, Shilpa Gupta, Graham Harwood / Richard Wright / Matsuko Yokokoji, Zhou Hongxiang, Istvan Kantor, Thomas Koener, Julia Meltzer/David Thorne, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Netochka Nezvanova, schoenerwissen, ubermorgen.com, Adrian Ward, Herwig Weiser and 242.pilots. The Vilem Flusser Theory Award, in collaboration with the Vilem_Flusser_Archive of the University of Arts (UdK) Berlin, has been awarded to Simon Yuill (2008), Denis Roio aka jaromil and Brian Holmes (2009).

Jury of the transmediale Award 2010 are Michelle Kasprzak(Edinburgh), Jose Luis de Vicente (Barcelona/Madrid), Li Zhenhua(Beijing/Zurich), Yves Bernard (Brussels), Doreen Mende (Berlin/Karlsruhe).

Vilem Flusser Theory Award 2010 advisory committee members include Marcel Marburger (_Vilem_Flusser_Archive, Berlin), Oliver Grau (Danube University Krems) and Sabeth Buchmann (Academy of Fine Arts,Vienna)

transmediale Advisory Board are Alex Adriaansens (Rotterdam), Dr. Marie Cathleen Haff (Berlin), Prof. Saskia Sassen (New York), Yukiko Shikata (Tokyo).

transmediale is a project of the Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, in cooperation with the House of World Cultures and funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.
CTM is a project by DISK / club transmediale GbR funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and DISK Initiative Bild & Ton e.V.

星期日, 5月 24, 2009

HYL/SHOUT Performance Festival 2009 - Oslo, Norway

I can't help to post other people's open call here on this blog, thinking that there are people who either have something they want to show or people would be going to these places, but sometimes just how other people are organising art events can be inspirational. The idea of video marathon did happen here in Hong Kong many many years ago but not a performance marathon.I still wonder if this is only a marketing strategy.

This is a call for participation in a two month long performance marathon which is
scheduled to run from August 1, 2009 through September 30, 2009, in Oslo, Norway.
If you wish to participate with works you are welcome to submit documentation of
previous performances, plan(s) of the performance(es) you wish to show at this
festival, and a brief CV. Photos should be printed on A4 sized paper. Video documentation should be on a DVD with a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

The performance festival is meant, to a certain degree, to be of an activist nature, thus the name HYL/SHOUT Performance Festival 2009. (For an understanding of how we
interpret the word activist, think of direct action, legal/illegal demonstrations, and
intervention in public spaces, etc.) The festival will take place mostly in non-traditional settings like shopping malls, on public transport, in streets, in public parks, etc, i. e. whatever creative places outside of the traditional venues of art galleries and museums you can think of.

Please indicate in the calendar below what date(s) you prefer to perform, your name,
title of your work(s), your e-mail address and phone number, and print and send together with the above mentioned material to:
Åse Karlsen, Stensbergsgata 23 C, NO-0140 Oslo, Norway.

Deadline: June 10, 2009, stamped envelope.

If selected, you'll have to pay your own travel expenses to Oslo, Norway, but we will
provide accommodation on a sofa, or similar, in a private home for two participants
for a maximum of four nights. Please bring your own sleeping bags and towels, etc.

Please indicate in the calendar below what date(s) you prefer to perform, your name, title of your work(s), your e-mail address and phone number:

Saturday 1. August
Eva Drangsholt, commencement location, kl 21 – 22, "Sekhet Iaru", e@evdr.net, no phone

星期一, 5月 11, 2009

Exhibition, screening and performance at iMAL, Center for Digital Cultures and Technology, Brussels

V.O.S.T. OV/OT explores the connections between cinema, video art and digital art. The starting points are subtle, intermediate and functional elements of the cinema industry, such as subtitles and dubbing used by artists for appropriation and diversion. This program gives a central place to language, transcription and translation.

With: Martin Arnold, Armel Barraud, Pierre Bismuth, Frederico Camara, Jordi Colomer, DEMOLECULARISATION, Christoph Draeger, Reynald Drouhin, Yan Duyvendak, Mario Garc’a Torres, Omer Fast, Xavier Gautier, Pierre Huyghe, Kuda.org, Florence Lazar, Danilo Mandic, Julie Morel & Jocelyn Cottencin, ProjectSinge, Nicolas Provost, RYbN, Anri Sala, Keith Sanborn, Antoine Schmitt, Peter Tscherkassky, Virgil Widric.

Curators: Alexis Chazard & Marika Dermineur.
Exhibition at iMAL with video, sound, digital and interactive installations:

A Tank translated, Omer Fast (is), 2002, Video installation
Black box (Sounds of a society), Danilo Mandic (mk), 2007, Sound installation and publication.
Cinéma muet, Armel Barraud (fr), 2006, Video installation
Je sais, Antoine Schmitt, 1996-1998, Computer, generative algorithms.
L.O.S.T, RYbN, 2009, Computer programmed video installation, LCD screens.
Monkey Party, projectsinge (fr-be), 2006, Video installation
NINGEN, Frederico Camara (br), 2006, Multi-screen video installation
Psychic, Antoine Schmitt (fr), 2004, Interactive installation

Installation at Cinema Nova during de screenings and performances evening:
La philtreraie, Boris Nordmann, Installation

Screening sessions at iMAL every evenings of the exhibition at 20:00:

Al-Haj Mitwalli's Family: Proposal for an Improbable American TV program, Pierre Bismuth (fr), 2006
Babelkamer, Jordi Colomer (es), installation, 2007
Black out, Reynald Drouhin (fr), 2006, 6'
Helenès (Apparition of Freedom), Christoph Draeger (nl), 2005, 18'30''
Intervista, Anri Sala (Al), 1998, 26'
Le lieu de la langue, Florence Lazar (md/fr), 2007, 10'
Safe distance, Production: US AIR Force, Postproduction: kuda.org, New Media Center, Novi Sad, Video black & white & blue, 21'
Blanche Neige Lucie, Pierre Huyghe (fr), 1997, 4'
E.T. and me, Xavier Gautier, France, 2000, video, color, sound, 1’
Fast Film, Virgil Widric (at/lux), 2003, 35 mm, silent, 14'
I scream, Julie Morel & Jocelyn Cottencin (fr), 2009, generative computer program transferred on video, various length
Michiko, Xavier Gautier (fr), 2000, video, color, silent, 0´48”
Œil pour œil, Yan Duyvendak (nl), 2002, 6'
Outer Space, Peter Tscherkassky (at), 1999, 35 mm Scope, silent, 10'
Papillon d'amour, Nicolas Provost (be), 2003, DVD, b/w, 4’
Passage à l'acte, Martin Arnold (usa), 1993, 16 mm, silent, 12'
The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproductibility by Walter Benjamin as told to Keith Sanborn, Keith Sanborn (usa), 1996, video, 4'
tv sweet, Marie Daubert (fr), 1997, 6'

A New Geography of Art in the Making

Organised by ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany and Goethe-Institut Hongkong

In collaboration with Chinese University of Hong Kong

Two-day workshop

A New Geography of Art in the Making

May 21 & 22, 2009 (Thu & Fri)

Goethe-Institut Hongkong

14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wanchai

Organised by the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and Goethe-Institut Hong Kong in collaboration with Chinese University of Hong Kong, the third Global Art and the Museum (GAM) platform will be held at the Goethe-Institut Hongkong on May 21 and 22, 2009 (Thu & Fri).

The programme is in a way a different approach to the museum topic which is taken in Hong Kong. Hong Kong thinks from the ‘hardware’, from the museum building itself, and we try the approach from the ‘software’. Questions like ‘what is the relationship between contemporary art and the idea of a museum?’, ‘what kind of art finds its way to the museum and what not?’, ‘what does it mean when we talk about contemporary art?’ – these questions will be raised and discussed among the invited curators, museum directors and experts from the field.

Like in the previous GAM platforms which took place at the Goethe-Instituts in Sao Paulo and New Delhi, the third platform also intends to discuss some of the most important issues of the globalisation of contemporary art, this time from an Asian perspective. The platform will be organised in three sessions. An introductory session will serve to present the project GAM - Global Art and the Museum (www.globalartmuseum.de) and to discuss its agenda with the participants of the workshop.

Initiators: Prof. Dr. Hans Belting and Dr. Andrea Buddensieg (ZKM).

Session 1: China: Museum and Audiences of Contemporary Art

Session 2: South East Asia: A New Territory of Contemporary Art

Session 3: Hong Kong and Beyond: Metropolitan Art Centres in Comparison

Confirmed participants:
Jahman Anikulapo, Johnson Chang, John Clark, James Elkins, Patrick Flores, Fei Dawei, Gao Minglu, Gao Shiming, Huang Zhuan, Kuroda Raiji, Dinh Q Le, Lu Jie, Charles Merewether, Nathalie Boseul Shin, Jim Supangkat.

Moderators: Jane Debevoise, Oscar Ho, David Clarke

Please note:
May 21 & 22, 2009 (Thu & Fri):semi-internal workshop
May 22, 2009 (Fri) 6:00pm – 8:00pm:open session
Enquiries: Goethe-Institut Hongkong (Alice Ho) Tel: 2802 0088/ kultur@hongkong.goethe.org


星期二, 5月 05, 2009


Dorkbot first appears in New York describing a group of artists (sound/image/movement etc), designers, students, scientists who meet monthly to discuss and to involve in the creation of electronic arts. Dorkbot is now made popular as a global movement of small, an autonomous gathering among people interested in the creation of arts which are inspired by technology. Under Dorkbot:VAC, Hong Kong Visual Arts Center will be transformed into a platform for active exchange, interaction and discussion of new media art through a series of art activities that suits people from all ages and backgrounds.

Having the honour of inviting Keith Lam, a rising star in the international new media art scene who has just won the prestigious PRIX Ars Electronica 2008 with the work — Moving Mario (2007-8), Keith will lead a series of activities which are inspired by the concepts and skills behind his creation in Dorkbot:VAC between May till October 2009.

High-technology is not necessarily the gist among Keith Lam's works. For Keith, the question of new media is to create works that can captivate his audience to think about the relationship between human and space, human and human or space and space. Hence his works such as Moving Mario (2007-8), Mobile Brush (2007) and His-story (2008) attests the artist's attempt to readjust the tension between human and technology, they alarm our over-reliance on technology is, in fact, manipulating the relationship between human and machines since the Modern Industrial Revolution and our flagging sensibility to the past, present and future.

Dorkboot:VAC will kick off with Dorkbot the Gadget from May, other programmes like Cross-disciplined New Media Workshop, Dorkbot Camp, Night Performance etc will then follow throughout this summer and autumn (details to be announced in July APO Newsletter). So stay tuned! Don't Miss it!
Date Toy Remark
(Sunday) Analog Digital: Paper Musical Instrument Deadline of Application: 1.5.2009
(Sunday) Viewable Sound Please state the session that you intend to participate on the application form.
(Sunday) Electronic Body: Wearable Technology I *Stay tuned for detail of application in July APO Newsletter.
(Saturday) Electronic Body: Wearable Technology II

星期六, 5月 02, 2009

Art & Craft Workshop系列 從手藝作業而來的快樂,由夏天一條連身裙開始……

IN the age of new technologies- Revolutionary ideas and technologies are brought into the process of "Make" and "'Grow". DIY culture together with open source movement make everyone an inventor and an entrepreneur. We can build our remote controller, chinese writing pad using ipone, we can build our musical instrument using retro technologies such as the copier, fax machine.
We see 'grow your animation' from people using processing and 'grow your meat' as in bio art research. Generative software are now solving problems for us from random and artificial intelligence.

Democracy is out. We no longer need to be represented, we represent ourselves and we share our presence. The ideas of sustainability and 'living green' is also part of this cureent.

SEE emphasizes sustainability and creativity in life are hosting this 'make my own dress' workshop. Wanna bring in some new technologies here?


手藝作業,讓活在虛擬與數字世界的城市人經驗實在與創造而來滿足,思網絡將於5月舉辦首次一連兩堂的“Make your own DRESS”工作坊,拉攏資深自由設計師兼收藏家Vincent AY與沙田區以布藝在家小本創業的Helen嘗試cross over,教大家自己親手加工與創作一條獨一無二的連身裙,讓你在壓力緊迫的生活,轉移視線在這穿得上身的瑣事花心思,與朋友一同分享「手製」的樂趣,重新感受生活中原始的簡單和快樂。。

Make your own DRESS! 工作坊宣傳短片:

時間:下午2:30 – 5:00
地點:思網絡工作室, 上環皇后大道中233號柏聯樓3樓
導師:資深自由設計師兼收藏家Vincent AY
收費:680元 首次報名優惠 550元正
(連基本裙一條, 包材料費及導師費)
名額:20人 (額滿即止)

如欲參加或有任何查詢,可電郵到 project.see08@gmail.com 或致電 21274504 (Samantha Lam)


Catch the Early Bird rates before the end of May!
The outstanding EVA London programme is online now.

EVA London 2009
Monday 6th - Wednesday 8th July 2009
British Computer Society, London WD2E 7HA

EVA London 2009 will debate the issues, discuss trends and demonstrate
the digitial possibilities in:
• Reconstructive archaeology
* Digital history
* Virtual museology
• Digital arts concepts and practice
• Immersive environments
• Digital performance
• Computer music

If you are interested in the new technologies in the cultural sector –if you are an artist, policy maker, manager, researcher, practitioner,audience evaluator or educator – this conference is for you.

Registration and programme

New International Curator for Liverpool Biennial

Liverpool Biennial has appointed Lorenzo Fusi as curator for the International, the lead exhibition of the Liverpool Biennial festival of contemporary art. He will be working on the development of the programme for the next festival ­ the UK¹s Biennial - which takes place in 2010. Lorenzo will be working alongside curators from the Bluecoat, FACT [Foundation for Art and Contemporary Technology], Open Eye Gallery, and Tate Liverpool under the leadership of Liverpool Biennial Artistic Director, Lewis Biggs.

Lorenzo, who takes up his role in May, is currently Curator of sms contemporanea in Siena (Italy) and until 2008 he was Chief Curator at the Palazzo delle Papesse. He brings to Liverpool almost a decade of experience in delivering contemporary art commissions, with a distinct interest in politically and socially engaged work and a track record in new media and installation at an international level. He has developed a versatile and multi-disciplinary approach reflecting upon contemporary culture as a whole.

For further information about Liver pool Biennial visit www.biennial.com

星期二, 4月 21, 2009

Media Art Platform: CALL FOR BLOGGERS!

the Netherlands Media Art institute will launch the Media Art Platform, a networking website for people active in media art.

For the Media Art Platform, we are looking for practitioners who are, during the course of this year, interested in contributing a (short) weblog about their work. We invite researchers and media artists to submit proposals for a future weblog of a maximum of 10 short posts.
If your proposal is accepted, you will be invited to write the proposed weblog on the Media Art Platform. Each blog post is rewarded with 30 EUR, with a maximum of 300 EUR per contributor (max. 10 postings).

From all submitted proposals, four or five will be selected.

- your blog is preferably about practical aspects of your work. Ideally, it should give a unique, ‘behind the scenes’ insight in a working process: the development of an art project, the preparation of a publication or event, a research process...
ideally, the blog is interesting for a large number of people who are active in, or interested in, media art
the blog is written in English
blog posts are short and to-the-point (max. 300 words)
your weblog must be written in the course of a few months between 15 May and 31 December 2009. Please indicate which months or which period are most convenient for you.
you remain the copyright owner of your postings and you are allowed to re-post them on your website or on other platforms, provided that you mention that the writing was commissioned for the Media Art Platform.

We are especially interested in weblogs that show a personal perspective; especially related to the development of (future) art and research projects!

Please submit the following:
* a short proposal for your weblog (max. 300 words)
* your CV and/or biography
* a link to your website (if you have one)
* one or more examples of previous writing

Deadline for submissions: 30 April 2009
Please send your submissions to info at mediaartplatform.nl
Selected/accepted writers will be informed around 15 May.

星期二, 4月 14, 2009

Making Cultural Clusters: New Strategies for Culture-led Urban (Re)development

Making Cultural Clusters: New Strategies for Culture-led Urban (Re)development

Date: 19 April, 2009 (SUNDAY)

Time: 930am--5pm (Reception starts at 9am)

Venue: Conference Room, 2/F, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, 135 Junction Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Map: http://www.creativehk.edu.hk/main/contact/contact_main.php

(the seminar will be conducted in Cantonese)

Organized by the Center for Cultural Studies, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Co-organized by the Department of Comparative Literature, Hong Kong University and the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University
Supported by the Public Policy Research Grant of the Central Policy Unit (HKSAR)
Sponsored by the HKUST School of Humanities and Social Science

Venue sponsored by HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Conference Statement:

‘Cultural Cluster’ has become a catchword in recent debates on creative industries and globalization. For artists and stakeholders in the field, the term ‘cultural cluster’ refers to a vibrant and highly diversified community. Unfortunately, the diversity and complexity of ‘cultural clusters’ have not been fruitfully understood by the government, the business sector and the community at large.

In this seminar, the speakers will share with us their observations and views on the ecology of cultural clusters in Hong Kong, and the relationships between cultural clusters, local communities and the city at large. The seminar will be divided into two panels. In panel I, the speakers will share with us the preliminary research findings on three cultural clusters in Hong Kong (i.e. Cattle Depot Artist Village, Central and Sheung Wan, and Wanchai) under the project ‘Making Cultural Clusters: New Strategies for Culture-led Urban Re-development’.

In panel II, scholars, cultural critics and participants in the field will try to evaluate the development of creative industries, cultural policy, and urban (re)development in Hong Kong with reference to the development of local cultural clusters.

Panel One: Case Study


Moderator: May Fung (Cultural Worker)

Market-led?: Cultural Cluster in Central and Sheung Wan
Yun-Chung CHEN (Assistant Professor, Division of Social Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Cultural Thickness: the Possibility of Cultural Cluster Formation in Wanchai
Mirana May SZETO (Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, Hong Kong University)

Borrowed Place and Borrowed Time: the Case of Cattle Depot Artist Village
Damian CHENG (Postdoctoral Fellow, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Model of Cultural Cluster in Fotan Artist Village
Patrick MOK (Consultant(Research Projects), Cheung Kong Centre for Creative Industries)

LEUNG Po-shan, Anthony (Cultural Worker)
Louis YU (CEO, Hong Kong Arts Development Council)


(1230-2pm Lunch Break)

Panel II: From Cultural Cluster to West Kowloon Cultural District


Moderator: Yun-Chung CHEN

Cultural Landfill: When Creativity becomes Industrialized
Oscar HO (Curator and Cultural Critics)

The Discourse of Cultural Value-Adding
CHAN Wan (Cultural Critics)

Cultural Planning and Creative Cities: Gaps and Blindspots in Local Cultural Policy
Stephen CHAN (Professor and Department Head, Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University

Desmond Hui (Professor, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong)

All are welcome! Enquiry: Keith Au (Tel: 9224-2763)

星期四, 4月 02, 2009


The Khoj International Art and Design Residency, in New Delhi, is for practitioners, working at the intersection of art, design and media, who seek to
"push artistic practice beyond convention". Five places are available on the six
week programme during November-December 2009.

星期四, 3月 26, 2009

Altermodern + ism from Nicolas Bourriaud

Ancient and modern: Gustav Metzger’s Liquid Crystal Environment. The 82-year-old artist has been hailed as the “godfather” of the altermodern by the inventor of the term, Nicolas Bourriaud

(The Tate Triennial)...an international show that attempts to define the new art of the post-economic apocalypse, christening it “altermodern”.

It is a new world of “wandering in time, space and mediums”. “Altermodernity,” Bourriaud continues, “arises out of negotiations between different agents from different cultures and geographical locations.”Artists, by this reckoning, have become nomads, a mobile community of outsiders within a vast globalised society, choosing their images, like words, from roughly the same visual language. It’s the next stage, Bourriaud claims, for civilisation after postmodernism, and artists who mocked its own claims to greatness (the people who canned their own poo, put donkeys in art galleries or exhibited their smoked cigarettes).

(Altermodern is at Tate Britain (020 7887 8888, www.tate.org.uk) until 26 April. Open daily 10am-6pm (first Friday of every month until 10pm). Admission £7.80, concs available.)

星期日, 3月 22, 2009

Eye of the Storm : An interdisciplinary conference on scientific controversy

19 / 20 June 2009
Tate Britain, Millbank, London SW1, UK


The Arts Catalyst and Tate Britain announce an international call for artists, scientists, social scientists, theorists, policy-makers and other disciplines, to present in Eye of the Storm, a conference exploring scientific controversy from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Eye of the Storm aims to explore a range of controversies, from esoteric arguments between physicists over the structure of the universe, to disputes about the causes of species decline and climate change, and highly charged public controversies around the use of stem cells and the distribution of genetically modified organisms. When heated debates around the challenge of climate change have shown how abstruse uncertainties within a scientific community can be amplified and distorted to challenge the whole notion of human-caused greenhouse warming, Eye of the Storm sets out to examine the relationship between scientific uncertainty and public controversies around science.

We invite abstracts for papers and proposals for artists’ presentations and talks for Eye of the Storm that consider questions such as the following: When the whole culture and ethic of science is based on disagreement and alternative explanations, how does this essential scientific uncertainty work in the quest for knowledge? How do scientific disputes affect political decision-making and society’s relationship with science? As scientific and technological developments produce their own controversies, such as those around GM crops, what are the current critical controversies in and around science and technology? What alternative societal and cultural perspectives and contributions do artists and social scientists bring to this area? When the influential science sociologist Bruno Latour has worried that social science – in questioning the ‘reality’ that science examines – may have contributed to political abuses of science: what is the relationship between scholarship, science and politics?

Confirmed keynote speakers are Sheila Jasanoff, Pforzheimer Professor of Science and Technology Studies at Harvard University, and Roger Malina, astrophysicist, Director of Research at CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), former Director at the Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille.


Please send 200-word abstracts for papers and presentations (20 minutes maximum) to conference@artscatalyst.org. You may attach a short biog or cv. Artists may attach images (2MB maximum)

Deadline: 31 March 2009

Submission categories include: talks/papers, artists’ presentations, demonstrations

Selection Committee

Michael Bravo, Senior Lecturer, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge
Bernadette Buckley, Programme Convenor, MA Art & Politics, Goldsmiths, University of London
Sian Ede, Director of Arts, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Madeleine Keep, Education Department, Tate Britain
Rob La Frenais, Curator, The Arts Catalyst
Roger Malina, Chairman Emeritus, Leonardo, Director of Research, CNRS
Chair: Nicola Triscott, Director, The Arts Catalyst






First Prize: 5000 EUR
Second Prize: 2500 EUR
Third Prize: 1500 EUR

DEADLINE: 23:59:59 UTC, JULY 1, 2009

The ARCTIC PERSPECTIVE INITIATIVE “MOBILE MEDIA-CENTRIC HABITATION AND WORK UNIT” open architecture design competition is aimed at the submission of proposals for the design of a mobile media-centric facility, life support habitation and work module with renewable energy supply, waste recycling, and communications systems. We invite
proposals from architects, designers, engineers, artists, students, and engineering teams.

The design should be an open source mobile architecture/system/machine capable of functioning in extreme as well as temperate climates and containing mass/industrial and amateur production/ manufacturing potential. The unit is to serve as a model for mobile research within extreme cold environments, with the ability to incorporate high tech solutions while utilizing sustainable resources.

Jury decisions to be published by October 1, 2009.

All winners and honorable mentions will be published in the API Cahier #2 “Architecture”, which will be edited in the Fall/Winter 2009. All winners and honorable mentions will be, among others, also included in exhibitions and presentations in the framework of European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010 as well as the international media-art conference ISEA 2010 RUHR.

Full information and rules and regulations are at: http:// www.arcticperspective.org

For questions please email: design2009@arcticperspective.org

星期六, 3月 21, 2009

Theo Jansen in Japan

The first exhibition in Asia by one of my favorite Dutch artist Theo Jansen is held from January 17th (Sat) to April 12th (Sun). On display at the specially constructed venue are Jansen's "strandbeests" (beach creatures). These kinetic sculptures have "skeletons" made out of plastic tubes, and mechanisms that harness wind energy to walk and move.

Theo Jansen Exhibition
Venue: Hibiya Patio
Schedule: From 2009-01-17 To 2009-04-12
10:00-21:00 (last entry 20:30)
Address: 1-4-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006

I had shown his Ted Talk video in class and is very much loved by students. However it is very difficult to bring this mechanical(non-electronic) creature to walk on the sands in Hong Kong. The art climate here is just too strident for it.

星期五, 3月 20, 2009

The Simultan Festival

The Simultan Festival is an annual festival for video, media art, experimental electronic music and a/v projects.
This year's edition runs under the theme Trans:position and will take place on 21-23 May, 2009, in Timisoara, Romania.
The festival wishes to sustain and to stimulate the creative ways of the most modern visions of perceiving and recording the cultural realities in contemporary art.
It presents the current processes and the way in which technology and society give rise to new forms of artistic expression by using the new media.
Based on a different theme every year, the festival presents video art projections, live performances, installations, lectures.

Simultan is open for submissions of innovative works, which use technology in a creative, ingenious way or are based on a peculiar, unusual story.
The applicants can send works which fall in one of the two categories below:
- experimental video
- generative visuals based on sound and image manipulations and motion graphics
Those interested may apply with a maximum number of 2 works; each of them
must not exceed 5 minutes in length.


The deadline for submission is: April 10, 2009 (postmark)

After the event, a DVD/catalogue will be published and documentation will also be available on our website www.simultan.org.
Each of the admitted participants will receive a DVD/catalogue by the end of

No entry fee!

For additional information please contact: Levente Kozma,
email: simultan@simultan.org

星期二, 3月 10, 2009

Public Lecture III Mechatronic Art & its Cultural Implications

Mechatronics, a portmanteau of 'Mechanics' and 'Electronics', is a platform investigates the possibilities of mechanical-based, tactile and space-related technologies on artistic and cultural practice. It includes robotics art and movable/ mobile sculpture, video/ sound sculpture, etc. Artists started to work with the chosen abstraction from 13th Century in western history and it was deployed in theater performance, sculpture & installation art since then. Leonardo De Vinci and Karel Čapek are two of the most well-known figures.

Annie On Ni Wan, currently a visiting research scholar at Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, will discuss theoretical background and development in mechatronic art and various art projects as a series of poetic systems, engage in lines of enquiry that result in shared sensations of monumental inter-connectivity.


Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Time: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Location: OEE 603 Activity Room,
Street: Ho Sin Hang Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University
Phone: 23535895
Email: morgan@hkbu.edu.hk


social media explained

Still don't know the buzz word?

星期五, 3月 06, 2009





星期三, 3月 04, 2009

Informal Meeting with CC Artists from the Philippines - Drip

One of the presenter at the second Asia Pacific Creative Commons Conference, “The Commons Crossroads: Defining the Roadmap for Creative Commons in Asia and the Pacific”, Drip, will be performing in Hong Kong at the HK Live monthly event on Sat, 7 Mar 2009.

On the Sunday after the performance, the band would like to share how they made themselves famous and collaborated with other musicians worldwide through licensing their works under Creative Commons and distributing them using different online tools such as ccMixter.

Date: 8 Mar 2009 Sunday
Time: 2:30-4:30pm
Venue: Whiskey Priest - 1/F, 12 Lan Kwai Fong, Central

星期日, 2月 01, 2009

Winner for “Networked: a (networked_book) about (networked_art)”

the winners of our international juried competition, “Networked: a (networked_book) about (networked_art)”. They are, ANNE HELMOND, PATRICK LICHTY, ANNA MUNSTER, MARISA OLSON, and KAZYS VARNELIS.

Each will receive a commission of $3,000 to develop a chapter that will be open for revision, commentary, and translation. “Networked” will launch on July 1, 2009.

The runners-up are Ele Carpenter, Christine Nadir, Mark Shepard, and Jason Freeman.

NETWORKED COMMITTEE: Steve Dietz (Northern Lights, MN) :: Martha CC Gabriel (net artist, Brazil) :: Geert Lovink (Institute for Network Cultures, The Netherlands) :: Nick Montfort (Massachusetts Institute for Technology, MA) :: Anne Bray (LA Freewaves, LA) :: Sean Dockray (Telic Arts Exchange, LA) :: Jo-Anne Green (NRPA, MA) :: Eduardo Navas (newmediaFIX) :: Helen Thorington (NRPA, NY)

NETWORKED PARTNERS: New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (NRPA) :: newmediaFIX :: LA Freewaves :: Telic Arts Exchange.

LAUNCH EVENTS: Digicult :: Freewaves :: Re:live 09 :: Telic Arts Exchange :: Upgrade! Boston :: your name here (contact jo@turbulence.org).

More information is available here:

星期四, 1月 29, 2009

what is web 2.0 now?

“Today's web is radically different from three or four years ago. The web's centre of gravity has shifted from being a source of broadcast information to a platform for dynamic conversations,” says Rohan Gunatillake in "Mission 2.0: advice for arts & cultural organisations from the social web"


*Monday 6th - Wednesday 8th July 2009*
**Visualising* *
ideas and concepts in culture, heritage and the arts: digital arts, sound, music, film and animation, 2D and 3D imaging, European projects, archaeology, architecture, social media for museums, heritage and fine art photography, computer arts


/EVA London 2009 will be co-sponsored by the Computer Arts Society, a Special Interest Group of the British Computer Society, and by the BCS. /

We invite offers of papers. For proposals we require only a summary of the paper on not more than one page. It must be submitted electronically according to the instructions on the EVA London website.

Papers may be on any aspect of EVA London's focus on visualisation for the arts and culture, broadly interpreted, including technology, use and users, creative, visual and performing arts and music, strategy,organisational implications and policy.Papers are peer reviewed and may be edited. They will be published as hard copy and online.

We hope to offer bursaries again to attend EVA London for those who do
not have access to grants.

EVA London 2009's conference themes will include, but are not limited to:

* Enabling the arts through digital technologies
* Crossing disciplinary boundaries
* Visualising ideas and concepts
* Moving and still images in museums and galleries
* Web 2.0 technologies in cultural heritage organizations
* Digital and computational arts
* Sound, music, film and animation
* 2D and 3D imaging
* Virtual and augmented worlds
* Fine art and photography
* Interactive technologies

Research into the uses of museum stored collections:

星期五, 1月 16, 2009

PUBLIC" NETBASE: NON STOP FUTURE, New practices in Art and Media" Out Now

New book about Public Netbase t0, edited by New Media Center_kuda.org and published by Revolver.

Published 2008
ISBN: 978-3-86588-455-8

New information technologies have become ubiquitous and thoroughly established in our everyday lives. This marks the end of a period of intense experimentation and speculations related to the introduction of global communication systems more than a decade ago. Artists and cultural workers were the first to explore their liberatory dimensions and to apply their emancipatory potentials. These early pioneers developed a range of interdisciplinary models and practices in order to expand the scope of social participation in information society cultures. Initiatives like the radical Viennese mediaculture institution Public Netbase became important nodes in a global network dedicated to critical art, culture and science based on new media practices.
A virtual world is possible, but never without real spaces and tangible social interaction. This publication is both a review of the pioneer days from the perspective of Public Netbase as well as an outlook into the future of art and culture in digital networks. It provides an overview of a critical information economy discourse, insights into Tactical Media strategies and a critique of the loss of public domain and the commons. Based on the extensive archives of Public Netbase, the book features some of the most spectacular and controversial art projects and interventions from 1994 to 2006. It also offers historical documents and manifestos critical of commercialisation and control society issues, together with a view into the digital world of tomorrow. "Non Stop Future" raises awareness for a need to invest in new and diverse practices in art and media.

Extensive contributions from many art and media theorists and practitioners to this book relate to long lasting collaboration with Public Netbase through different formats of conferences and projects, reflecting some of the most relevant problematics in constellation of art and tactical media practices and theories within communication technologies. The broad spectrum of themes regarding politics of digital media culture, art practices, networking, participation and self-organizing make the “Non Stop Future” an important contribution to forming the critical digital heritage of the future.