星期四, 9月 28, 2006

Journals and blogs- Reviews and Critics

Online art and culture magazine
Artkrush is a bimonthly email magazine covering the key figures, exhibitions, and trends in international art and design http://beta.artkrush.com/
ART-e-FACT : STRATEGIES OF RESISTANCE / / an online magazine for contemporary art & cultureISSN 1845-5301 http://artefact.mi2.hr/index_en.htmNew Media art, cyberculture journal

Peer review journal-
First Monday http://www.firstmonday.org/
New art and culture journal -Vague Terrain : http://www.vagueterrain.net/
Online since 1997, digitalsouls.com is one of the longest continuously running online galleries and e-zines dedicated to new media art, digital culture and philosophy. http://www.digitalsouls.com/

Collective reviews and critics
New media Reviews ;http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/

All topics
Critics everything, http://blogcritics.org/
Community Art Network (a range of disciplines and topics - from dance to policy ) http://www.communityarts.net/readingroom/
Hong Kong's http://www.blog-you.com/ including (光影筆記 哲學散文 攝影手札 文思泉湧 港飲港食 科技講場 遊戲部落)

Using web 2.0
Create your own critics column and get in touch with your reader http://www.rottentomatoes.com/

Film critics BLOG
影评博客圈 草根看电影 http://blog.sina.com.cn/m/mvsalon
电影博客 http://www.movblogs.com/

Design Blog
A young designer's blog grow up to a portal http://www.designloveme.com/archives

Writing essays

Useful links to know how to write

Writing with Sources by Gordon Harvey download zip

The Elements of Style by Strunk & White

A Brief Guide to MLA Parenthetical Citation and Works Cited Pages

Citations! A guide to citing online sources UC Berkeley

Conference : The Economics of Social Media

"By social media we mean all the ways in which media, entertainment and information (MEI) industries are colliding with users as part of the mix. Another way of looking at it: Social media is a mix of genuine grassroots efforts to create media through community, and the industries trying to tap into the energy of crowds, community, and user creativity. (Wikipedia has a related definition here).
The one-day conference, planned for late-Feb-early-March in LA, will discuss the business, financial and economic aspects arising out of this, emerging business models and how that is changing the dynamics of these three industries.
Our definition or perspective on this is by no means definite…it is evolving as fast as the industry."

星期三, 9月 27, 2006

Here are useful points when shooting video:

1. Shoot lots of short scenes rather than very long, continuous shots. Shots 5–10 seconds in length often work especially well.

2. Add variety to your shots, for example by filming the main subject (perhaps the baby at a first birthday party), capturing the faces of the onlookers, getting a shot of the cake, presents, food, the candles being blown out, the mess (!), Uncle Jake arriving late in his new SUV. . . You get the idea.

3. Take establishing shots for your travel videos (shots of road signs or wide shots of the location) and then get up close and personal to film various close-ups of local faces or exotic products for sale in the market.

4. When shooting video of children or babies kneel down with your camcorder and grab some shots from their level. Get lots of face shots.

5. Encourage people to smile or interact with the camera (if you wave with your free hand most people will wave back!)

6. Keep a steady hand while you shoot and stay focused on your subject.

7. When shooting groups of people remember to get in close. Frame it up then step a little closer still!

8. Only zoom or pan slowly and remember to record some steady material at the beginning and end.

9. To make cool music videos, try some professional shooting tricks like 'dutching' your camera - holding your camera and rotating it slowly in both directions (clockwise/counter-clockwise).

10. Shoot your subjects from all angles. Move around the subject, shoot from below and from the top.

11. Try visual surprises like shooting into mirrors or from a high viewpoint. You can also put movement into your material by shooting from glass elevators or while traveling on an escalator.

12. Shaky video when cut quickly may sometimes cause nausea so keep it steady.

13. Panning or sweeping should be done reasonably slowly, otherwise a swoosh/blurring effect may occur as the autofocus of the camcorder may not focus in time.

14. Make sure your subject is well lit so that you have well defined and contrasted scenes.


1、DoNews IT记者圈(www.DoNews.com),太知名了,就不多介绍了。

星期三, 9月 20, 2006

Book Shelves

If you have already noticed douban (either .net or .com), you may appreciate aNobii.It is another virtual bookshelf that you can share with friends and keep track of your read. I support this company as I only use douban for chinese books and for english and tradchinese books, especially those that are top sellers in HK book store, most of the time douban do not have these files and sometimes I found it too tideous to look for book covers.
I will try aNobii. I add marks because it is a small HK company on the Isalnd East.
I hope that they keep working on it and prehaps build a virtual CD rack too in the future.

More lectures to come


講者:梁文道 陳智德



地點:創BOOKCAFE(中環域多利皇后街9號中商大廈2字樓[MTR C 出口])







梁文道,牛棚書院院長、集電台及電視節目主持、專欄作家於一身的多面手,最新的動向是搞出版,成立「上書局」。在梁文道眾多角色中,始終有一條「脊骨」貫穿,就是走出象牙塔,以平民語言拉近知識與群眾,做個街坊學者。著有《弱水三千》(2006) 。


星期二, 9月 05, 2006

Streaming lectures from Danube

Danube Streaming Lectures Series

September 5 @19:30
Presentations by and debate with Sarat Maharaj and Machiko Kusahara

September 6 @1930
“PYGMALION TENDENCIES: Bioart and its Precursors”
Presentations by and debate with Gunalan Nadajaran and Jens Hauser

Subsequent to the lectures of 30 to 40 minutes the public can participate in the debate via email.

The goal of these DANUBE TELE LECTURES at Danube University Krems is to provide Austria with an international forum of media discussion and its particular culture by holding a regular live online streamed lecture. The lecture series is a continuation and extension of the first international conference on MediaArtHistories Refresh, which was held under the direction of Prof. Grau in Banff/Canada last fall und will see a remake called Re:place in Berlin next year.
Subsequent to the event the videos will be publicly available in an online archive.