星期五, 11月 16, 2007

9 evenings- Experiment in Art and technology

Theater-Festival, Armory Hall, New York: In the 1960s, what would later lead to the founding of the organization Experiments in Art and Technology, was first put into practice on a large scale by ten New York artists as a unique festival for electronic as well as interactive performances and demonstrations. The idea of collaborating with technicians, not only initiated by Robert Rauschenberg and Billy Klüver but also organized and largely promoted by them, lead to the performances suggested by the festival title: Nine Evenings with performances by John Cage, Lucinda Childs, Merce Cunningham, Öyvind Fahlström, Alex Hay, Deborah Hay, Steve Paxton, Robert Rauschenberg, David Tudor, and Robert Whitman. Billy Klüver was again the driving force. The main technical element of the performances was the electronic modulation system TEEM, composed of portable, electronic units which functioned without cables by remote control. Cage used this system to activate and deactivate loud speakers that consistently reacted to movement by way of photo-cells. For not always being technically and artistically successful, these performances exhausted for the first time the full range of the live-aspect of electronics, taking advantage of its artistic potential in all of its diversity. Seen in that light, the «9 Evenings» rank among the milestones of media art, even though today only a few filmed documents bear witness to the event.

星期四, 11月 15, 2007

From Spark to Pixel. Art + New Media

Venue: Martin-Gropius-Bau
28 October 2007 to 14 January 2008

While I am doing Re:Place, I found this exhibition very interesting, some really inspiring works presented. There will be very little chance that this kind of work will be presented in Hong Kong, because of the scale and our venue management over-consideration on safety too.

The “From Spark to Pixel” exhibition will present developments in contemporary art involving the large-scale use of digital and interactive media. The technical possibilities in this field have given this area of art a more international dimension than that of almost any other. Thus the exhibition will feature works both by renowned and as yet unknown artists and groups of artists from all over the world. Works by pioneers and works that are being shown in Europe or Germany for the first time or have been specially developed for the Martin-Gropius-Bau, will enable visitors to discover spectacular forms of artistic expression and radical changes in perception in the relation between the observer and the moving image. Immersive and interactive approaches feature frequently in the artists’ strategies.

Extended reading : WMMNA pt1WMMNA pt 2

星期四, 11月 08, 2007

The opening of Ullen Centre in Beijing

Photos from Art Forum :Left: Artist Wang Qingsong, a friend, and Guy Ullens, cofounder of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. Right: UCCA cofounder Myriam Ullens. (All photos: Mathieu Borysevicz)

You got to be inner circle artists or star curators to be invited to this new non- profit art centre in 798.

You want to see the fabulous building? no. You want to see art? no. You just want to see who is there? yes.... who is there? Read Article from Artforum

BTW :Tony Blaire showed up in Hong Kong on monday in a very expensive Hong Kong Business Summit Dinner giving a lame opinion on HK democracy development to the money world business people.

星期三, 11月 07, 2007

Addictive TV in Sportive for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

In anticipation of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Adidas - official sponsor of the Games - is celebrating the dynamic relationship between sport and art. The exhibition, starting in Shanghai this week, will visit Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang and Chengdu, amongst others, arriving in Beijing next summer for the 2008 Games, before then going to Hong Kong.

Around 70 leading contemporary artists from around the world are participating in the project. Alongside European artists including Swiss photographer Hans Gissinger, audio/video artists Addictive TV and French designers Electronic Shadow are celebrated Chinese painters Wang Guangyi, Tang Zhigang, the Luo Brothers, Yue Minjun, Kong Weimeng and Zhong Biao as well as renowned Japanese animator Takeo Hatai.The installation Sportive by Addictive TV dynamically explores movement and sound in a wide range of sports, evolving the action of the fast and furious sporting forms being sampled, into shifting new musical patterns of rhythmic audio and video.

With huge thanks to Adidas, Sportive was created using entirely the sounds and images of sports with only the addition of a human heartbeat. The installation is also available as a video piece on the Talents 'Art & Sport' DVD, produced by Talents - the Art Video Collection : www.talentsvideo.com/en/issues/talents_performances

2007 Aisan Arts Biennial: Have you eaten yet?


「吃飽了嗎?」是許多亞洲民族見面的第一句問候,就如西方「你好、哈囉」;也是開啟對話、溝通、互動的開場。國美館主辦的第一個「亞洲藝術雙年展」於 10 月 13 日開幕,將焦點聚集在亞洲當代藝術的面貌,並試圖由此建立一個開放的論壇場域,讓存在於亞洲的不同觀念、信仰、價值觀能夠在這個平台中進行溝通、交流與分享。

「食飽未?-2007亞洲藝術雙年展」以「城市夢工廠」、「生活的況味,是一種選擇」、「過去的現在的未來」、「你好嗎?」四個子題來呈現當代藝術家對亞洲社會的觀察與詮釋,邀請了來自亞太及歐洲地區的 38 組藝術家呈現 76 組件作品,並且納入不丹、俄羅斯、新加坡、泰國、台灣等 12 個國家的 30 部紀錄片進行參照比較。

參加的藝術家,如台灣旅居巴黎的吳宜樺,她的創作包括由身體動作或社會性的互動活動,創造與詮釋感性時間經驗的互動錄像裝置。林強等人以 2007 年作品「光種音子」跨平台影音媒體互動裝置展出。日本旅英的青年藝術家澤拓(Hiraki Sawa)的「找個地方坐下來」數位影像裝置。台灣青年藝術家姚仲涵的一件聲音裝置作品「不明」,創作者控制了大段落的節奏變化;細小緊湊的節奏,是藉由電腦開關日光燈的物理現象,隨機而不可預測。


Photo taken at Julian Schnabel's exhibition in China Millennium Monument on Sep 12 in Beijing. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.COM]Via
He is considered as one of the youngest contemporary artists in U.S. and Europe. His works have also been collected by almost all the major museums in the world. He is also associated with some of the most prestigious galleries in Europe and U.S, with his works collected by some of the most important collectors too. If you ask the art world to name the top 5 or 10 young artists in west, he is on the top of the list. But he is not just a painter or artist; he has just won the best director in the 60th International Cannes Film Festival for his French movie "Diving Bell And Butterfly." He is Julian Schnabel.

An exhibition covering Julian's best works since 1983 just opened in China Millennium Monument on Sep 12 in Beijing, the first stop for Schnabel's Asian tour before hitting Hong Kong, Shanghai and Seoul.

The exhibition brings the works that represent what Schnabel wants to show the world, particularly to China, says Howard Rutowski from Fortune Cookie Projects, who brought Julian's works to Beijing.Organized by David Tang and 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, and curated by Fortune Cookie Project, an exceptional one-man exhibition by Julian Schnabel in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong exhibition is from 7-24 Nov, 2007. Opens from 10:30am to 7:30pm.
6/F West Warwick House, Taikoo Place
979 King's Road, Island East

星期六, 11月 03, 2007

"Vtap" to watch all video on the net in your iphone

via Ben Wilson over at iPhone Atlas (one of our CNET sister sites) wrote a post earlier today about how Veveo's vTap service for the iPhone is "possibly the best iPhone Web app yet," citing its on the fly-encoding and killer UI as worthy reasons to use it over the iPhone's built-in YouTube application. The service searches videos from all over the net and lets users watch them on the iPhone after converting them to an acceptable format on their own servers.

We checked out the Windows Mobile version of the app back in August, and since then the iPhone version seems to have been tightened up a bit. Loading videos is still unbearably slow over EDGE (which isn't vTap's problem), but if you're on a fast connection over Wifi it's really one of the best ways to view videos from all over the internet. Besides YouTube, you're getting videos from Google and MSN Video, Vimeo, the Weather Channel, Dailymotion, and a dozen of other sources.

There are two things which I think make the app really fantastic for iPhone owners. The first is that it will serve us abstracts from RSS feeds while you're waiting for a video to finish re-encoding. You can actually set up which feeds you want to see, including Newsvine, Yahoo Finance, Google News, or the latest publicly shared photos from Flickr. Clicking any of these feeds will take you right to the story or photo link while the video continues to encode. The second best part is that you can choose only to listen to the audio from a video clip, which means you can enjoy long, dialogue heavy clips with your phone's screen off and in your pocket--which is super handy for enjoying shared lecture videos.

Shared video is so omnipresence now. See also here for you tube UC Berkeley announcement.

星期五, 11月 02, 2007

News from China :New Media art in Aution House

Via 根据瓦西里·康定斯基(1866年-1944年)由来已久的阐释,艺术家是时代的宠儿。因此,新的艺术家一代适应当代的科学技术,以及时代精神与形象的需要,就再正常不过了。二十世纪六十年代电视的风行唤起了艺术家对新媒体形式的关注,并为美国和欧洲的影像艺术提供了可能性。近乎半个世纪以来,艺术家一直在探索视频技术的品质,以便更有利于处理艺术形象,展现叙述权利和时间概念等。

  影像艺术开始于沃尔夫·福斯特尔,他曾经的工作圈子并不属于媒体艺术,他曾是激流派的成员之一,而且像雷蒙·安斯、维尔格雷和弗兰克斯·杜弗尼一样都是早期的招贴画家。出生在德国的福斯特尔,有79%的交易量在那里实现。紧接着是美国和英国,还有法国和西班牙也分别有 12%和5%的交易产生。他的作品具有普遍的购买性,因为90%的作品成交价都在5200欧元以下。此类影像装置在拍卖会上的稀缺性逐年递增:2007年 5月,Requiem在佳士得(巴黎)将竞价抬升到17000欧元,由此也创下了该艺术家的价格记录。

  另外一位影像艺术的先驱白南准,他的盛名也为全球藏家所闻。他在美国和英国实现了40%的交易份额,另外45%的份额在法国、德国和瑞士完成。他于上世纪六十年代开始使用变形扭曲的形象进行艺术实验,并在1985年创作了带有监控的机器人。依据装置的体量和可监控功能,这些作品的平均落槌价在 2万欧元到10万欧元之间。2007年5月是影像艺术价格史上的一个节点,白南准早于福斯特尔四天实现了自己的最高卖价:在香港佳士得上拍的一件反映神、人同形同性的视频作品Baby Buddha,攀升至230万港币,约21.9万欧元。而另外一部分小型作品,如由摄像头和其它金属物件构成的机器人的拍卖价格为2654美元 (约合2180欧元,纽约菲利普斯拍卖会) 。

  虽然,白南准在影像艺术史上占据领衔地位,但是他的价格水品却在小他九岁的诺曼·布鲁斯Bruce Nauman之下。诺曼·布鲁斯在当代艺术舞台上是备受追捧的艺术家。不少富有的藏家都打算拿出几百万美元收藏他的装置,他的作品也不总是借用影像的形式。例如,1997年11月,苏富比以200万美元卖掉了他的巨大的装置《好男孩,坏男孩》(37.5 x 349.5 x 548.5 cm), 2007年5月,一位买家支付了约十分之一的价格就在纽约佳士得买下了与《好男孩,坏男孩》同名的影像作品。此件影像作品共发行了四十件,突破了4万至 6万美元的预估价而取得21万美元的成交高价。

  此外,在使用综合媒介的年轻一代艺术家中,虽然现在的市场仍然稀缺他们的作品,但诸如皮皮劳蒂·里斯特Papilotti Rist、盖瑞·希尔Gary Hill、托尼·奥斯勒Tony Oursler、皮耶尔·修贺贡扎雷斯-佛斯特比尔·维奥拉Bill Viola或者皮埃里克·索兰的作品收益仍然比较微薄。例如,索兰创作的两件装置作品曾经憾然流拍;盖瑞·希尔、皮耶尔·修贺和贡扎雷斯 —佛斯特,他们的作品迄今为止拍卖的交易量都不足10件;相形之下,比尔·维奥拉Bill Viola显得稍微成功一些,他的作品2002年6月27日初次在拍卖会中亮相,其中的作品《繁殖》卖至6.22万欧元。同年,影像装置作品《Going Forth By Day》(2002)在纽约古根海姆博物馆展出,由此证明当影像艺术被艺术机构展出后也可以卖到高价。然而,在他的个人展览之后,人们或许需要等上20年之久才会在市场中找到他的作品,由此也看得出影像艺术和装置要进入市场领域的难度。

Fabrica in eArts Festival

More photos
展览 / FABRICA:睁开的双眼/蓬皮杜中心
策展人 / Marie-Laure Jousset
城市 / 上海
开幕 / 2007年10月19日
展览时间 / 2007-10-19 至 2007-11-11
地址 / 上海市南京西路325号
机构 / 上海美术馆
备注 / 主办:蓬皮杜中心、Fabrica S.p.a研究机构、上海美术馆、上海文化发展基金会

Nam June Paik in Beijing @ doArt China

展览 / 白南准个人作品展
策展人 /
艺术家 / 白南准
城市 / 北京
开幕 / 2007年10月27日
展览时间 / 2007-10-27 至 2007-12-02
地址 / 北京市朝阳区机场辅路草场地261
机构 / 都亚特画廊
来源/东方视觉 作者/都亚特中国
  白南准先生的名字包含了许多开启无限可能性的先锋时刻。1975年在接受Irmeline Lebeer的采访时,白南准先生指出,对向马塞尔·杜象塑造的庞大艺术房间入口处走来的现代美术学者来说,脱离马塞尔·杜象影响的唯一出口就是“视频艺术”(video art)。今天,让我们通过这个出口,进入白南准先生塑造的艺术花园看一看。这个小个子的亚洲音乐家在不停地寻找一种崭新的音乐形式,他在多种媒介中发掘新奇艺术表达形式的同时,也赢得了世界这个大舞台。今天,他被形容成一位独创音乐家,一位激进的行为艺术家和一位先驱视频艺术家。
  本次都亚特中国(doART CHINA)画廊的白南准个人作品展所展出的大部分是他的视频雕塑作品。这些作品体现了白先生“参与”和“交流”的艺术创作宗旨。无法触摸的影像和具有物质性的雕塑;人和与人类类似的机器人;锁在旧物体里的时间以及实时状态下显示器里的视频流,所有这些看似对立的内容在他的作品中相互衬托、彼此提升。他的作品并非单件的影像显示器,而是由对立要素组成的有机生命体。他的视频雕塑展示了一种新的“吸收视频”的方法。从第0秒开始,视频影像流不断地溶入雕塑本身,这种独创的艺术形式使时间这一抽象概念得以具体化。
  都亚特中国画廊主办的本次个展,主要展出白南准先生20世纪八十和九十年代的视频雕塑作品。其于20世纪六十年代制作的将电视画面通过视频信号转换器转换成新的影像的《电视试验》系列、20世纪七十年代与Charlotte Moorman (1963-1975) 共同制作的表演照片以及运用闭路电视系统的《Swiss Clock (1988)》也在本次展出作品之列。另外,视频雕塑作品《Newton (1991)》以及《Darwin (1991)》也将展出。这也是这两件作品在亚洲的首次亮相。
  活跃在中国现代艺术的舞台上的年轻艺术家们正在积极拓展想象力,进行不同的尝试。白南准先生的个展作为都亚特中国画廊的第二次展览具有重大的意义。白南准先生告诉我们顺应游戏规则可以获胜,改变游戏规则也可以获胜(Chosun 日记,8月15日,1992,韩国), 让我们在他构建的视频艺术的花园里,沿着这位才华横溢、永不言弃的艺术家的足迹去领略他与众不同的人生。

星期四, 11月 01, 2007

Your life is full of meaning in a powerpoint presentation.

A Film by Clemens Kogler together with Karo Szmit. Voice by Andre Tschinder.

Le Grand Content examines the omnipresent Powerpoint-culture in search for its philosophical potential. Intersections and diagrams are assembled to form a grand 'association-chain-massacre'. which challenges itself to answer all questions of the universe and some more. Of course, it totally fails this assignment, but in its failure it still manages to produce some magical nuance and shades between the great topics death, cable tv, emotions and hamsters.

For more Information:

The work is inspired by indexeda blog by Jessica Hagy. Her index cards are little marvels of wit and wisdom.
Here is an example The book of the same name will come up next year.
More Jessica Hagy in Freakonomics
interview of Jessica Hagy in Kottke.org