星期五, 5月 30, 2008

The night School at NY New Museum

Screening: Le fond de l'air est rouge (The Grin Without a Cat), 1977: Night School Public Seminar 5: The Politics of Spectacle

Directed by Chris Marker. Running time: 180 min
Thursday, May 29 | 7:00 PM* | Free

A Grin Without a Cat is Chris Marker's epic film essay on the worldwide political wars of the 1960s and 70s: Vietnam, Bolivia, May '68, Prague, Chile, and the fate of the New Left. From 1967 - the year Marker argues was the key turning point - the film is a sweeping, global contemplation of a defining ten years' political history.

Screening: The Case of the Grinning Cat, 2004 followed by moderated discussion with Jake Perlin: Night School Public Seminar 5: The Politics of Spectacle

Directed by Chris Marker. Running time: 58 mins
Friday, May 30 | 7:30 PM | Free with Museum admission

In his most recent film, Chris Marker reflects on French and international politics, art, and culture at the start of the new millennium. This engaging record of Marker's cinematic peregrinations throughout the city chronicles strikes, memorials, election campaigns, celebrity scandals, international political incidents, and a seemingly endless variety of political protests. The commentary running throughout The Case of the Grinning Cat offers the learned and witty reflections of the filmmaker, now in his early eighties, on the contemporary and historical implications of these varied events and personalities.

The screening will be followed by a moderated discussion with Jake Perlin, Assistant Film Curator/BAMCinematek and founder of The Film Desk.

Lecture by Okwui Enwezor: Night School Public Seminar 5: The Politics of Spectacle

Saturday, May 31 | 3:00 PM | Free with Museum admission

Okwui Enwezor lectures on the politics of spectacle. Enwezor is Dean of Academic Affairs and Senior Vice President at San Francisco Art Institute. He is Adjunct Curator at International Center of Photography, New York and previously Adjunct Curator of Contemporary Art, at the Art Institute of Chicago. Enwezor is Artistic Director of the 7th Gwangju Biennale, opening September 2008.


Night School is an artist's project by Anton Vidokle in the form of a temporary school. A yearlong program of monthly seminars and workshops, Night School draws upon a group of local and international artists, writers, and theorists to conceptualize and conduct the program. This month's seminar is conceived by Okwui Enwezor.

All events are in the New Museum theater. Events are free or free with Museum admission but tickets are required.

星期日, 5月 25, 2008

Berkeley Big Bang 2008

Berkeley Big Bang 2008 is a three-day symposium and festival of new media and art hosted by the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive and the Berkeley Center for New Media. Leonardo/ISAST will host a full day of panels and events on Tuesday, June 3rd, including an exhibition of student artwork, organized by Piero Scaruffi.

"Remix: From Science to Art and Back in the Digital Age"
co-hosted by Leonardo/ISAST and the Berkeley Art Museum

Schedule of events:

Introduction by Steve Wilson, Leonardo board member since 1983, celebrating forty years of Leonardo: The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology.

"Osmosis": What Can the Arts Do for the Sciences?

Art-Science interaction is a two-way process. The impact of science and technology on the arts is much discussed and well-documented. This panel seeks to examine the influence of the arts on the sciences, and the benefits that science can derive from the arts.

"Osmosis" Panelists:

- Bronac Ferran, Writer, Researcher, Instructor at Royal College of Art in London, Past director of the Interdisciplinary Arts at Arts Council England
- Melinda Rackham, Executive Director of the Australian Network for Art and Technology
- Jim Crutchfield, Complexity and Chaos Researcher, Professor of Physics at UC Davis, Co-founder and Scientific Director Art and Science laboratory
- Chris Chafe, Composer, Duca Family Professor at Stanford University, Director Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

Brilliant Noise: How Data Becomes Experience for Artists and for Scientists

Most information about the world we live in is now mediated by instruments. This data is often visualized and sonified, both to aid analysis and to communicate with other researchers, but artists, too, can make this data meaningful and "sensual." The same data sets can lead to very different kinds of work. One person's noise is another person's sound.

Brilliant Noise Panelists:

- Camille Utterback, Interactive Video Artist, Inventor, and Founder of Creative Nerve
- Michael Joaquin Grey, New Media Artist and Inventor
- Laura Peticolas, Geophysical Researcher at Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley
- Douglas Kahn, Auditory and Sound Culture Historian, Director of Technocultural Studies, UC Davis

Free-form meeting of interested audience members with Leonardo ISAST board members during the lunch break.

The New Sensuality: Epistemologies of the Very, Very Small

Human cognition is bounded by the inadequacy of human senses to allow us sensory contact with the world on scales larger or smaller than ourselves. To perceive the nano world one needs extended senses or new senses. The nano world requires a new ontology and a new epistemology.

The New Sensuality Panelists:

- Ruth West, New Media artist, Director Visual Analytics and Interactive Technologies National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research Center, University of California, San Diego
- Wayne Lanier, Microbiologist, San Francisco Exploratorium
- Jennifer Frazier, Project Director of the Visualization Laboratory, San Francisco Exploratorium

Closing event of the two-day conference for the audience to mingle with the speakers of the various panels and with Leonardo board members. Winners of the first Leonardo Art/Science Student Contest will also be presented.

星期一, 5月 19, 2008

'Digital Heritage: 40 Years of Video Art in Germany and Chinese Video Art Archive

Following the workshop and open archive on 'Digital Heritage: 40 Years of Video Art in Germany and Hong Kong' in December 2006, the Goethe-Institut Hongkong continues to explore the Video Art topic, this time in mainland China, by jointly-presenting the 'Open Archive: 40 Years of Video Art in Germany + Chinese Video Art Archive' with Vitamin Creative Space from May 23 to June 21, 2008 at the Vitamin Creative Space in Guangzhou.

The open archive focuses on saving, maintaining and mediating the cultural heritage of Video Art, which has become one of the most influential art forms of the 20th century. Important video works from the past 40 years in Germany and China will be shown at the open archive at Vitamin Creative Space. The works from Germany curated by Wulf Herzogenrath were previously shown at the ZKM Center for Art, Media Karlsruhe and the K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen Düsseldorf and the Goethe-Institut Hongkong (2.12.2006 - 15.1.2007), among them videos by Marina Abramovic, Joseph Beuys, Rebecca Horn, Christian Jankowski, Nam June Paik... etc. Works from China, curated by Hu Fang from Vitamin Creative Space, include those by Cao Fei, Feng Mengbo, Kan Xuan, Li Yongbin, Lu Chunsheng, Tseng Yu-Chin,Tsui Kuang-Yu, Jun Yang, Xu Zhen.

The installation at Vitamin Creative Space is designed by Map Office (Laurent Gutierrez and Valerie Portefaix).

Vitamin Creative Space Address:
Room 301, 29 Hao,
Hengyijie, Chigangxilu
Guangzhou, 510300, China
Tel: +86 20 8429 6760

星期四, 5月 08, 2008

Robert Cahen video art exhibition影片和錄像展覽



《時間觀》展覽將Cahen一些主要的作品配合展示裝置展出,誠邀觀眾深入幻想的領域。 1971年,Cahen獲法國國家高等音樂學院頒發學士文憑後,跟隨Pierre Shaeffer學習作曲,並加入法國國家廣播電視局的音樂研究部。其後負責法國國家視聽藝術學院的視聽研究工作至1976年為止。


Exhibition :
日期: 22.5.08 (Thur) – 3.6.08 (Tue)
時間: 1100-2000
地點: 香港大會堂展覽廳 City Hall

Screening and talk 影片放映及座談會

日期: 5月23日 (五)
時間: 晚上8時
地點: 香港藝術中心 Agnès B. 影院

Karine (8mins - 1976) / Juste le temps (Just Enough Time - 13mins -1983) / Le deuxieme jour (The Second Day - 8mins - 1988) / Hong Kong Song (21mins - 1989) / Voyage d hiver (Winter Voyage -18mins -1993) / L étreinte (Embraces - 9mins - 2003)

日期: 5月29日 (四)
時間: 晚上8時
地點: 香港藝術中心 Agnès B. 影院

7 visions fugitives (7 Fleeting Visions - 32mins - 1995) / Canton la Chinoise (Canton, the Chinese - 52mins - 2001)