星期二, 5月 29, 2007

More OLED from Sony

Sony unveiled what is billed as the world's first flexible, full-color OLED display built on organic thin-film transistor (TFT) technology. The 2.5-inch prototype display supports 16.8 million colors at a 120 x 160 pixel resolution, is 0.3 mm thick and weighs 1.5 grams.

Brain machine how-to video

via Boing Boing
MAKE's Bre Pettis has a video about making a sound-and-light brain machine (which is featured in Make, vol. 10)

This weekend, learn how to hack your brain by making Mitch Altman's Brain Machine! It flashes LEDs into your eyes and beeps sounds into your ears to make your brain waves sync up into beta, alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves!

Mitch invents cool things that make the world a better place. He's well known for the TV-B-GONE and this brain machine is his latest project. One of the cool things about this project, is that it builds on an open source project. Mitch used Lady Ada's open source MiniPOV and switched out LEDs and added new capacitors and resistors and then rewrote the firmware to make it into the brain machine. It's super cool when people make hardware open source so that others can work with it!
Hack your brain


星期一, 5月 28, 2007

Video Art DVD : Perpetual Art Machine 2006-2007 : Year One - Volume One

Perpetual Art Machine is a living archive of 21st century international video art, featuring over 1000 videos from more than 700 artists from over 70 countries culminating in an immersive interactive video experience. Created in December 2005 as a collabora- tion between the artists Lee Wells, Raphaele Shirley, Chris Borkowski and Aaron Miller as a means to democratize the curatorial process by inviting both the artist and the viewer/user to participate through live interactive installations and online through [PAM]’s free community video portal.

In just over one year, [PAM] has been presented in 9 countries through installations, screenings and lectures including Scope New York, the 2nd Moscow Biennale and Art Basel Miami Beach. The website has attracted over 4 million hits by 150,000 artists, curators, writers, collectors and admirers engaged in the artform. The artists repre- sented in this program are just but a small cross section of the great artists.

One of them is Hong Kong's own Lam Wai Kit (see Blogsome Link).Congrats.

Track Listings

Hackworth Ashley (US) Scared at Birth, 2006 0’53
George Barber (UK) Shouting Match, 2004 4’59
Josephin Böttger (Germany) Hibernation, 2006 10’50
Chris Coleman (US) Modern Times, 2004 2’45
Cecilie Dahl (Norway) Cloths for a Summer Hotel, 2004 6’36
G.H. Hovagimyan (US) False Hope & Invented God, 2006 2:00
Stephanie Lempert (US) Read My Lips, 2005 1’12
Iris Piers (Holland) Soon & Sleep, 2006 7’46
Nicholas and Sheila Pye (Canada) A Life of Errors, 2006 14’24
Alexander Reyna (US) Star, 2007 3’21
Jaye Rhee (Korea) Pampering, 2006 2’25
Cinzia Sarto (Italy) Una Sporca Vacanza, 2004 9’53
Melissa Schubeck (US) Would you rather it was love, 2006 1’35
Endre Tveitan (Norway) Building, 2006 1’18
Lam Mai Kit (China) The Other, 2004 2’05
Amelia Winger-Bearskin (US) The State of Things, 2007 9’00

星期四, 5月 24, 2007

New Statesman New Media Awards

Call for entries!
The New Statesman is once again looking for entries for its New Media Awards. Running annually since 1998, the awards celebrate the positive impact that digital media can have on society, democracy, politics and culture.
Last year’s winners included: PledgeBank.com, openDemocracy.net, BBC Backstage, Love Lewisham and WriteToThem.com.
With so many exciting things happening in the digital technology space in the UK at the moment, the New Media Awards set out to recognise and reward the best ideas, best projects and best people making a difference and using new media for good. This year a new category has entered the ring, The Young Innovator. It is open to everyone under the age of 22, and the winner will receive a cash prize of £500. Do you know someone who deserves such recognition?
The list of categories in this year’s awards is as follows: Contribution to civic society Modernising government Elected representative Education Information and openness Advocacy Young Innovator Entering the awards is a matter of simply filling in the online form here: The last day to enter is 31 May 2007. Winners will be announced in July. For further details go to http://www.newstatesman.com/newmedia or contact Charlotte Eisenhart: charlotte@newstatesman.co.uk

Warren Leung Open Studio

On Sunday, May 27, there will be an open studio event in Fo Tan Warren Leung Chi Wo Studio
Door open from 3-8pm
Presenting a series of talks in Cantonese:

3:00-3:30 梁展峯 Jeff Leung, curator/ 黃頌恩 Magdalen Wong, artist
3:30-4:00 方敏兒 Janet Fong, curator/gallerist
4:00-4:30 黎健強 Edwin Lai, art historian/writer
4:30-5:00 葉旭耀 Ip Yuk Yiu , filmmaker/curator/teacher
5:00-5:30 何慶基 Oscar Ho, curator/teacher
5:30-6:00 楊秀卓 Ricky Yeung, artist/teacher
6:00-6:30 黃思源 Gina Wong, art lover/business woman
6:30-7:00 三木 Chen Shishen, artist
7:00-7:30 Samantha Culp, writer
7:30-8:00 張康生 Enoch Cheung, artist/teacher

Artist Talk from Right Click

RIGHT CLICK: Open Source New Media Exhibition
Artist Seminars

Venue: GuLLDY, 9/F, Fu Tak House, 367 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

Date:25/5/2007 (FRI)


6:00pm (Micro+Playground)
7:00pm (Joshua Minor)

Open Source Exhibition open today

RIGHT CLICK: Open Source New Media Exhibition

24/5 – 13/6/2007
Venue 展出地點: Kapok Gallery
B/F, 9 Dragon Road, Tin Hau (next to Tin Hau Temple Road) [map]
Opening 開幕派對: 24/5/2007
7:00 pm with oversea artists’ attendance
Date 日期: 24/5 - 13/6/2007
10:00 am - 8:00 pm (Mon-Fri);12:00 pm - 7:00 pm (Sat-Sun) * free admission
Inquiry 查詢: Jeff LEUNG (read.jeff@gmail.com / 96451104) ;
Kapok (info@ka-pok.com / 2549-9254)
Curator 展覽策劃 : GuLLDY+Jeff LEUNG

Seminars 專題講座

Seminar 2 : Open Source Software Development: A case on Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)
Seminar 3 : Artist Seminars
Seminar 4 : Who says “working-in-progress” cannot be opened? -Workshops Progress Sharing

Open Source in New Media Art

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is not new to most design and art lovers. But when DIY goes digital, it is not as easy as it seems to be truly self-initiated without commercial software. The spirits of Open Source are to provide an open platform for digital media users to upload and download programming sources free of charge, and allow them to individualize these sources as their own designs and applications. Such free exchange of ideas and information ultimately gather collective experiences and creativities, which is much more meaningful then just doing things on one’s own.

GuLLDY and their co-curator Jeff LEUNG are pleased to present the exhibition “Right Click:Open Source New Media Art Exhibition”. Three international creative parties will present their interactive new media artworks based on Open Source programming and technology. What will be showcased are not only the completed works of art but also the entire processes as well as sources of the technology and the conceptual ideas applied to these works. In short, the exhibition aims to open and share with audiences every step involved in the productions of the exhibits, promoting the very spirits of DIY(Do-It-Yourself) and Creative Commons.

Creative parties including Daniel Shiffman (USA), Josh Minor (USA), mirco+playground (Taiwan) will present their works in the exhibition. Among these parties, Josh Minor and mirco+playground will come from aboard for the opening party and seminars, sharing their creations and creativities with audiences.

The exhibition is part of GuLLDY’s media art programme series subsidized by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. It will commence on 24 May at Kapok Gallery and will last until 13 June.

對不少設計或藝術愛好者而言,DIY(Do-It-Yourself) 不是新課題,但面對設計精密的數碼媒體,要不倚賴商業軟件去DIY 創作,卻可能是一大難題。「開放源碼」(Open Source) 的精神是為數碼媒體使用者提供免費平台,讓他們自由上載下載程式源碼,繼而自行轉化成個人化的使用和設計;又正如「資源共享」(Creative Commons) 所鼓吹的宗旨,難得是這種開放式的自由交流匯聚了集體創意和智慧,比一般的DIY 一人創作更有意思。

GuLLDY( 玖樓陸兜友) 及策展人梁展峰共同策劃的「Right Click :開放源碼新媒體展覽」將展示多位來自本地及海外的新媒體創作人以開放源碼為基礎的互動數碼設計。展覽除了展出他們的製作成品之外,還會由始到末的完全展示他們創作源頭和過程,當中可能包括原創的程式源碼或由其他人的源碼所改造和轉化的新程式,參觀者在參觀之餘還可以參與其中,回家DIY 創作,親身體會由開放源碼引發的無限創意。

星期二, 5月 22, 2007

Please say NO to United Nations' abolishment of Traditional Chinese in 2008.

主旨: 聯合國決定於2008廢除繁體中文

聯合國決定於2008廢除繁體中文. 若成了 ,那每個台灣人幾乎都得學簡體字,想想我們老祖先千年留給我們的姓名也將因簡體而變形, 中華文化遺產的摧毀不僅發生在中國, 也行將全世界, 可能以後要讀繁體字只能在日本, 這多諷刺呀! 想了就可怕,請將這封信用力寄出去.


大家去投票吧 謝謝
2.滑動轉軸到下方一點的地方,點 Sign the petition


現在全球才479 多人投反對票….要加油!.... ………

Beatrix Pang talks about photography at VAC

A talk by Beatrix Pang on this Saturday at VAC. Please come if you have

「數位藝術教育暨創作推廣計畫-台中藝術家工作坊」 熱情開催中! (Digital Ars Creation & Education Program)

台灣新媒体藝術發展可謂一日千里。一連發放了多個從消息,實在是目不暇給。剛過去香港微波都辨了processing 的workshop,反應還好,今年還來嗎?台灣真的努力呀。

「數位藝術教育暨創作推廣計畫-台中藝術家工作坊」 熱情開催中! (Digital Ars Creation & Education Program)
【活動日期:】 2007/6/7 - 2007/6/15
請下載報名表後傳至 gillian@microplayground.net(施小姐)

由國立台灣美術館主辦、微型樂園執行之「數位藝術教育暨創作推廣計畫」,在考慮軟體的簡易性、可得性與未來的發展性之下,選擇免費的 DBN (Design By Numbers) 程式作為教育推廣的工具。DBN 的指令與邏輯非常適合當作入門的基礎訓練,藉由二十幾個指令的學習介紹,沒有程式背景的藝術家也能夠藉此與更進階、目前極熱門的 Processing 軟體工具,乃至其他高階應用軟體接軌,在未來擁有執行各種複雜作品的能力或是具備與技術人員共同對話的基礎。


香港微波新媒体藝術節亦辨了processing的工作坊,由藝術節的技術總監Keith Lee(見右邊Blogsome)和紐約的Daniel Shiffman 主理,聽說兩位今年受邀到台灣的processing工作坊了。

2007 國際新媒體藝術節,帶您穿越奇境、想望科技 (Traversing Fantasy: International New Media Arts Festival 2007)

■《地點:》國立台灣藝術大學(板橋市大觀路一段 59 號)、台中國美館(台中市西區五權西路一段 2 號)、打開-當代藝術工作站(板橋市民權路 202 巷 8 弄 6 號)

論 壇:5 月 28、5 月 29 日
研討會:5 月 29、30 日「大師講座工作坊」
    5 月 31、6 月 1 日「國際學術研討會」
藝術展:5 月 28 日 ~ 6 月 9 日 台灣藝術大學 國際展覽廳
    6 月 5 日 ~ 7 月 8 日 台北藝術大學 關渡美術館
工作坊:5 月 30 日 ~ 6 月 2 日
電話:(02)2272-2181 ext. 2154, 2155
三年前,教育部與澳洲舉辦首次的台澳研討會,以此為兩國的藝術教育搭起了交流橋樑;去年雙方為促使交流更加務實,選定「新媒體藝術」主題而合辦「2006 台澳新媒體藝術論壇」。今年,更在文建會與教育部指導下,國內首度整合三大藝術大學與多所私立院校之資源與師生投入,將原本的「台澳新媒體藝術論壇」擴大為「2007 國際新媒體藝術節」(Traversing Fantasy: International New Media Arts Festival 2007),活動自 5 月 28 日起到 7 月 8 日,期間同時舉行多項新媒體藝術的作品演映、論壇、研討會與工作坊講座等,熱鬧展開,邀請您來共同參與!


展映觀賞之餘,5 月 28、29 日舉辦的「媒體無限-台澳新媒體藝術論壇」,以及 5 月 29 和 30 日「大師講座工作坊」將由 La French Touch 代表藝術家 Guillaume PARIS、法國藝術與影像科技介面理論權威 Edmond COUCHOT、巴黎第八大學藝術與影像科技教授 Marie-Helene TRAMUS、出身自澳洲的德國卡爾斯魯厄藝術及媒體中心高階研究員 Jeffrey SHAW∕ZKM 來台與大家分享他們的創作與研究經驗,地點分別是 5 月 30 日於台灣藝術大學和 5 月 31 日「打開-當代藝術工作站」進行。

5 月 31 日及 6 月 1 日北部舉行的兩天「想望科技︰新媒體藝術-國際學術研討會」實況,將採用即時視訊於台中的國美館同步轉播!論壇與研討會各開放一百多位參加名額,欲知更多訊息或報名詳情,請上活動網站。

藝術文學,非常串聯:「2007 台北國際藝術博覽會」與「超級平台」 (Art Taipei 2007 & Outra Fair: Alliance, Art and Literature )

今年,台北國際藝術博覽會(Art Taipei 2007)將於 5 月 25 日到 29 日在台北展演二館(原世貿二館)開展,以「藝術與文學」(Art and Literature)為題,充滿著文人藝術的復古東風。展覽劃分為經典展區、當代展區、電子錄像區、年度藝術家展區、戶外裝置藝術展區-超級平台(Outra Fair)和藝術出版展區六大子題。

本屆最新奇的,尤以 5 月 24 日到 6 月 2 日開放在華納威秀中庭、新光三越徒步區露天展出的「超級平台」,可說是當代藝術家的另類舞台,不以面積或隔板定義,而是由藝術家創作的「場域」來呈現。平台主體由五位藝術家李明則、何孟娟、林偉民、邱昭財、劉時棟架設,引介出他所推荐的藝術家而形成一個共同體,以此體現藝術家本人對當代藝術生態的觀察,也標出了自己在藝術上的座標。


邱昭財「我和我的100% LOADING-網路平台」互動裝置,供現場群眾隨意分解、組合,呈現他們所提出的一個創作方法,透過平台分享 PIPI BEAR 的意念原型,匯聚眾多創意,形成一個能讓創意公開交流展現的網絡。劉時棟的作品「不累 Play,我和我的朋友們-共業平台」,在繽紛的塗鴉與嬉戲生活的經驗中,呈現有翅膀的行動藝術車。


【2007 台北國際藝術博覽會】
展期:5 月 25 日 ~ 29 日 12:00~20:00(29 日至 18:00)
酒會:5 月 24 日 18:30 ~ 21:00
展館:台北展演二館 台北市松廉路 3 號(原世貿二館)

【戶外裝置藝術展區-超級平台 Outra Fair】
展期:5 月 24 日 ~ 6 月 2 日
展區:信義華納威秀中庭、新光三越 A9、A11 香榭大道

第12屆波蘭WRO國際媒體藝術雙年展 (12th International Media Art Biennale WRO 2007)

第12屆波蘭WRO國際媒體藝術雙年展於5月16日開幕,展至5月20日。本次雙年展競賽類共收到超過60個國家,1500件左右的作品,可分為錄像、裝置、表演、網路與互動、軟 / 硬體等類別;總獎金共8000歐元,其中首獎獎金即高達5000歐元。競賽類優秀作品將於Wroclaw的國立美術館(National Museum)及WRO藝術中心展至6月17日。

活動期間除展覽外也安排多場講座,探討媒體藝術在敘說與通訊的混種空間(hybrid space)裡,其作品、資料、文件、檔案等的展示、收藏、保存等策略;以及媒體藝術在當代藝術的發展脈絡下,所涉及之展覽實務與觀眾反應。此外,觀察各藝文單位如博物館、藝術中心、畫廊等之間的合作,以及它們對於新科技的運用,也是此次雙年展講座主題之一。主辦單位邀請多位研究媒體藝術(特別是在收藏 / 保存領域)之專家學者主講,包含Geoff Cox, Vincent Bonin, Sandra Fauconnier, John Thomson( Electronic Arts Intermix行銷總監), Joasia Krysa(KURATOR網站創始人)等人,講題則涵括媒體藝術的案例分析、電子藝術的文件化與保存(以V2_為例)、新媒體的傳播策略、網路策展、超文本藝術(Hypertext Art)等。另外尚有多項特別活動與計畫,如國際錄影藝術(International Video Art)單元-台灣藝術家崔廣宇的作品《十八銅人‧穿透系列》亦參與展出;而”The Archivists’ Night” 則展示歷史上各種有關記錄 / 再現藝術的技術與重要時刻。香港的林慧潔 Lam Wai Kit 簫子文 Eric Siu亦入選。

除了WRO國際媒體藝術雙年展之外,5月份的波蘭尚有第9屆互動國際藝術節(Interakcje International Art Festival),甫於5月12日落幕。本屆藝術節的行為藝術單元中,亦有來自台灣的藝術家葉子啟徐翠蓮參與。


互動國際藝術節(Interakcje International Art Festival)

Zuni's "Low Tech :Multimedia theatre "school program


香港實驗劇團「進念.二十面體」自2000年即進行「多媒體戲劇教育計劃」,次年開始與香港康樂及文化事務署合作,將多媒體戲劇帶進學校並以中學生為主要對象。進念將這項教育計劃分為四階段:1. 多媒體戲劇工作坊,2. 導賞演出,3.媒體藝術工作坊及4.Low Tech多媒體戲劇演出及裝置展。第一階段主要針對學校教師的研習,介紹多媒體戲劇教育計畫,以及各項媒體的特色。第二階段由進念劇團至學校表演,結束後由劇團成員與學生進行座談,誘導學生從欣賞中對多媒體劇場產生興趣。第三階段由劇場專業人員向學生介紹劇場的概念,以及戲劇成型所需的各項元素、媒體與技術,然後讓學生選擇一項媒體,分組發展實驗性創作;最後則串連參加計劃的學生進行集體創作,藉由討論與腦力激盪,合力完成戲劇及多媒體藝術裝置展覽。整個計劃過程為期約八個月。

「進念.Low Tech」多媒體戲劇教育計劃以劇場為主軸,加上新媒體的運用,思索人與科技、媒體間的各種連結互動,所編織而成的複雜關係。藉由校園教育活動,激發學生的創意並鼓勵∕訓練他們嘗試創作。2007年計畫創作顧問為香港劇場與音樂創作者潘德恕,參加計劃的學校共八所,表演及裝置展覽將於5月19至25日期間上環文娛中心舉辦。
(圖:進念‧Low Tech多媒體戲劇教育計劃,圖片轉載自「進念.二十面體」網站)

總結演出及Low Tech裝置展覽


節目(一) 2007年5月19日 (星期六) 晚上七時三十分
節目(二) 2007年5月20日 (星期日) 下午三時正

Low Tech裝置展覽
2007年5月19日 (星期六) 晚上六時至十時
2007年5月20至24日 (星期日至四) 上午10時至晚上八時
2007年5月25日 (星期五) 上午10時至下午二時

軟體藝術之 Processing 常在我心:專訪前川峻志(Maekawa KATASHI)

前川峻志 1982 年生於日本島根縣,在多摩美術大學研習互動設計與媒體藝術。畢業後,於目前任職的 Image Source 公司裡擔任設計工程師(design engineer)。目前義務投入 Processing 在日本的普及化工作,並與人合作推出第一本日文的 Processing 教材Built with Processing。其運用開放網路資源的軟體藝術成就,相當值得正力圖轉型為數位創意產業願景的台灣文化政策制定者,以及主管當局參考。(圖:Particle Typography + Mail 取自藝術家網頁


其中最有趣的是談及香港微波新媒體節中的作品Shadow Monster 和 Body Movies.

Q10:請介紹您最近在澀谷(Shibuya Prime building;bigshadow.jp)的作品 BIG SHADOW。它感覺很像英國藝術家 Phillip Worthington 的「Shadow Monster」[2],又和墨西哥藝術家 Rafael Lozano-Hemmer[3] 的作品「Body movies」有類似的表現方式。
BIGSHADOW 是為客戶微軟的 XBox360 電玩「藍龍」(BLUE DRAGON)所製作。藍龍是一款主角的影子會變成龍的戰鬥遊戲。就如同遊戲中出現的 Shu 一樣,龍的影子會出現在自己的影子當中的這個企劃原本已成型,我是負責它的裝置工作。企劃則是由GT負責(gtinc.jp);中村勇吾先生(tha.jp)、Projector(http://www.projector.jp/),ZOOLIB(zoolib.jp)。
  在澀谷的 prime building 的 40 米牆面上,在四台投影機的重疊投射下,創造出這個影子。這個企劃最初是以 Processing 來裝置,但因為當時 Processing 的影像擷取能力不足,所以最後以 C++ 來完成。為了讓它看起來像是真的影子,以及避免產生時滯現象(Time Log),當時還特別在反應速度下了工夫。
  Shadow Monsters 和 Body Movies 兩者並不只是單純運用電腦影像製作出來的,此兩者能無時間差地處理剪影;請留意在 Golan Levin[4] 的 THE MANUAL INPUT SESSIONS、messa di voce 的部分作品表現手法。因為目前的電腦性能及限制,只要使用相機,即可輕易處理影子及剪影,我想今後也還會在其他地方看到相似作品。但我認為,因為技術上的限制無法超越而造成作品類似度增加,將會是個問題。





Processingの開発者Ben FryとCasey Reasは、2005年TDC賞でのインタラクティブデザイン賞を受賞しています。

東京TDCのデザイン年鑑『Tokyo TDC, Vol.16』にて掲載された“●特集記事「processing」”を読むことができます。


日本ICC成立十週年特別活動 (NTT ICC 10th Anniversary)

去年日本數位藝術界的大事,就是醞釀關門的數位藝術重鎮 NTT ICC 六月確定恢復營運。原本面臨斷炊危機的 ICC 在知名策展人四方幸子等人登高一呼之下,彷彿凝聚了日本藝術圈的共識,扭轉了主管當局的營運政策。這宗引起全球新媒體藝術家與數位藝術中心關注的事件,除了反映數位藝術中心經營並不如表面看起來風光外,更重要的是這個純屬民間性質(NTT 財團)的單位,並不像歐洲數位藝術中心那般容易獲得公部門的奧援-因此它的命運對於處境類似的亞洲國家顯然更具啟發性!此外,平台特地彙整了上半年裡的日本數位藝術家專訪(鈴木太郎、前川峻志)、資源連結、文字論述及相關報導等,期望本地讀者在了解近期日本 位藝術脈絡之際,也能反思台灣數位藝術發展的 未來前景…

  經過 10 年努力經營,有如浴火鳳凰般再次凝聚眾人目光的 ICC,挾著令人艷羨的資源,重新擦亮亞洲最大新媒體藝術中心的招牌。然而在台灣、香港、中國和亞洲其他地區,有更多以數位藝術中心或數位藝術節之名的嚐試卻前仆後繼。究竟新媒體藝術的未來,是前景看好或利空出盡?日本的實際發展經驗應該給我們一個很好的啟示。

其中4月21日及22日登場的特別論壇:「媒體與藝術的未來」(The Future of Media x Art),邀請多位媒體藝術界重量級人士與藝術家擔任與談人,包含荷蘭V2_電子藝術中心館長Alex ADRIAANSENS、Soh-Yeong ROH (韓國 Nabi藝術中心主任)、藤幡正樹、三上晴子、?中實、阿部一直、Alessandro LUDOVICO(Neural雜誌主編)、Casey REAS(Processing創始人之一)、高谷史郎、四方幸子等。「媒體與藝術的未來」論壇峰會以近年來訊息環境的不斷更新為出發點,觀察到媒體藝術隨之產生空前的多元變化。在今日,創作與文化、科學、技術等潮流息息相關,同時也使更多的人可以介入及參與,然而未來的創作究竟還具有哪些可能性?此論壇從各種不同的角度進行深入探討,主辦單位並預計將論壇實況放在網站上供民眾點閱。

4月19日至6月24日期間,ICC推出”ICC Chronology”(ICC紀事)特展。這項展覽展出過去10年中,ICC的各項活動資料如海報、大事記、圖像、影片等,由這些資料回顧ICC的歷史與累積之文件。而同樣於4月19日開始,將持續至2008年3月9日的是ICC Open Space的新展,ICC Open Space是一個開放的空間,綜合了展覽室、圖書室、小劇院及休息室,此空間可展出大約10件作品,並且規劃為一年更換一次。

ICC Chronology展覽訊息

ICC Open Space

星期一, 5月 21, 2007

New Software Restores Shredded Documents

Remember when the Penguin tracks down Batman by piecing together shredded documents? Soon, you could track people down too with new software that pieces together shredded documents. The software is being developed at the Fraunhofer Institute’s Production Systems and Design Technology lab.

It works by piecing together information after comparing 25 features, including color, texture, shape, handwriting, and typeface. The plan is to use the software to restore 45 million pages of secret police files from communist East Germany.

星期四, 5月 17, 2007


The next DANUBE TELELECTURE will take place on Sunday, 27th May 2007 at 17.00h at MUMOK in Vienna with

* Christiane PAUL, curator for New Media at the Whitney Museum/New York, author of "Digital Art" (Her Interview with Sutherland U)

* Paul SERMON, international renowned media artist and professor at the University of Salford/Manchester

The lectures of aprox. 30 minutes will be followed by public discussions. Internet users can participate via email.

星期二, 5月 15, 2007

ISEA 2008 Artist -in-residence

ISEA Call for AIR: http://www.isea2008.org/air.html

Residencies of up to 3 months in duration can be supported, and must be
completed before July 2008. Financial support from NUS is available for:

- Economy airfare to and from the artist/designers country of residence,
- University housing while the artist is in Singapore,
- A monthly allowance of S$2000,
- Materials cost of up to S$1000.

Symposium Themes
Deadline 30 June

Fluid screen and grafitti

water (video)

Bit fall


Liquid sculpture

Bike against Bush video

Spray paint output device for laptop

Primal graphics

星期六, 5月 12, 2007

STAR FAIRY 星神僊: Hong Kong in Venice press conference and seminar

This event will introduce the exhibition produced for Hong Kong's
representation at the 52nd Venice Biennale. The artists, Amy Cheung, Hiram To and Map Office (Gutierrez + Portefaix) and curator, Norman Ford will discuss their work and open the floor to questions.
Wed, 16 May 18:00 - 19:30 at
the Visual Arts Centre, 7A Kennedy Road, Midlevels, HK

17:30 - 18:00 MEET THE PRESS

18:00 - 19:00 SEMINAR / ARTISTS' TALK
19:00 - 19:30 Q&A / discussion

Enoch Cheung solo show at Art Centre

網友發色情物品連結被罰款 (明報) 05月 10日 星期四 07:50PM


唔好再開成人區,唔講得成人嘢,定係唔准擺人地D link,唉!唔知犯咗セ傢伙。香港的cyber culture 真係弱雞。冇前瞻、冇創新,淨係識用商人嗰套,有click有錢、廣告有錢,我諗連結分享對佢地來講,睇怕都諗極都諗唔到個value係邊度。唔好再用什麼中國人社会保守之類,繼續駝鳥政策落去。

Blast your best playlist into space

The European Space Agency (ESA) is holding a contest to send the best astronaut-friendly playlist into space. (It is now ended, sorry)

ESA will put the winner's playlist onto an iPod, then deliver it via the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV).which will be making its maiden flight later this year. The 20 tonne craft, named ‘Jules Verne’, after the famous French science fiction writer, will be delivering about seven tonnes of cargo to the astronauts living in the International Space Station.

Ten European countries are participating in the ATV programme: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Bruce Sterling video rants about design and science fiction

MIT Tech Review has a great little video of Bruce Sterling ranting about futurism, design, and its relationship to science fiction.

星期四, 5月 03, 2007

Bill Viola Creates Work For Venice Biennale

Bill Viola has created a major new work to be presented at the 52nd International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia. Entitled Ocean Without a Shore, 2007, the three-screen High Definition video and sound installation was inspired by its setting – the 15th century intimate Venetian church of San Gallo.

Ocean Without a Shore presents a cyclical progression of images that describes a series of encounters at the intersection between life and death. Located near the Piazza San Marco the church of San Gallo was formerly a private chapel, and Viola directly incorporates its internal architecture into his piece, using the three existing stone altars as video screens.

Of the work Bill Viola states, “Ocean Without a Shore is about the presence of the dead in our lives. The three stone altars in San Gallo become transparent surfaces for the manifestation of images of the dead attempting to re-enter our world.”

“The video sequence describes the human form as it gradually coalesces from within a dark field and slowly comes into view, moving from obscurity into the light. As the figure approaches, it becomes more solid and tangible until it breaks through an invisible threshold and passes into the physical world. The crossing of the threshold is an intense moment of infinite feeling and acute physical awareness. Poised at that juncture, for a brief instant all beings can touch their true nature, equal parts material and essence. However, once incarnate, these beings must eventually turn away from mortal existence and return to the emptiness from where they came.”........

Will this be the reason to Venice? May be not. I think Bill Viola probably represents what Venice Biennale meant for us today.
Long Live Art (market ) and the 20 people that are controlling it. The same will apply here sooner or later.

星期二, 5月 01, 2007

Sol LeWitt, American master of conceptual art, dies at 78

I just heard that Sol LeWitt died on 8 th, last month.
As a master of conceptual and minimal art, he had great influence to artist of my generation. It is sad to lose him.
....His transitions from one medium to the next were seamless, including his endeavors in sculpture, photography, and his much-lauded painting installations. See photos above

* “Sol LeWitt, American master of conceptual art, dies at 78” (International Herald Tribune obituary)
* Conceptualist pioneer Sol LeWitt dies aged 78 - Independent, UK
* Thomas Dreher: Sol LeWitt: The two Series "Forms derived from a Cube" and "Pyramids" (PDF file, 8 p., ca. 10 MB)
* Art: Sol LeWitt 1928-2007 - Eye Weekly, Toronto, Canada
from eye