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Ullens Successfully Sells $22.2 Million Worth Of Chinese Art In Beijing

Big news coming out of the Chinese art world today. Bloomberg reports that Guy Ullens, the Belgian industrialist and collector of Chinese art since the mid-1980s, has sold 18 works from his collection for over $20 million (151.7 yuan). Ullens, whose collection is made up of hundreds of pieces spanning centuries of China’s long artistic history, put these works, many of them duplicates or triplicates, up for auction to add to efforts by his popular Beijing museum of contemporary Chinese art to reach out to China’s burgeoning collector base and art enthusiasts.

According to Bloomberg, the huge returns on Ullens’s sale indicates two important developments in the Chinese art world — for one, the quality of the Ullens collection, and two, the motivation of Mainland Chinese collectors to buy Chinese art now. While the Ullens collection has long been considered one of the top collections of traditional and contemporary Chinese art, until recently the local Chinese collector base has stayed out of the picture, mainly sticking to purchasing the occasional western master or ancient Chinese antique. Now, however, as the Chinese New Collector becomes increasingly influential in art auctions around the world, sales like that of Ullens’s artwork are, as we’ve seen in the last year or so, becoming more heavily populated by Mainland buyers.

Bloomberg points out that the success of this sale reflects the trend that we have been observing since before the global downturn struck, of Chinese buyers (and Chinese auction houses) growing in number and influence. This extends not only to the sale of Ullens’s artwork, but to every corner of the auction market, from contemporary and traditiional Chinese art to wines and jewelry. As the article points out as well, the breadth of Ullens’s sale — which included contemporary artists like Zhang Xiaogang, who sold for 15 million yuan to a Chinese buyer — shows that the Chinese collector has truly arrived.

星期五, 5月 29, 2009

Transmediale Award and Vilem Flusser Theory Award 2010

festival for art and digital culture berlin
03 - 07 February 2010

CTM - club transmediale.10
festival for adventurous music and related visual arts
29 January - 6 February 2010

_Call for Entries_

:: Deadline: 31 July 2009
:: Award Ceremony: 6 February 2010, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Complete call, registration information and online submission form at:


As leading international festivals for art and digital culture as well as adventurous music and related visual arts, respectively, transmediale and CTM (club transmediale) are inviting submissions to the transmediale Award Competition 2010 and the Vilem Flusser Theory Award 2010. Invited are art works, projects and positions that respond to the challenges of our rapidly changing digital,technological and networked cultures. The transmediale Award seeks innovative, experimental and visionary works across a wide scope of form, process and practice that embrace, question and enrich our
understanding and relationship to our immersed media and technologically driven society. Entries that exemplify new and critical forms of digital expression and interaction are encouraged, as are works from countries and regions in which digital art and culture are emergent. Submissions of art works for both festivals participate in the transmediale Award 2010 while theoretical abstracts, papers and research oriented positions are invited for the Vilem Flusser Theory Award, with prizes totaling 10.000 EURO.


transmediale presents and pursues the advancement of artistic positions reflecting on the socio-cultural, political and creative impact of new technologies, network practices and digital innovation. As a festival aiming to define the contours of contemporary digital culture, it seeks out artistic practices that not only respond to
scientific or technical developments, but that shape the way in which we think about and experience the technologies which impact virtually all aspects of our daily lives. As such, transmediale understands media technologies as cultural and aesthetic techniques that need to be embraced in order to comprehend, critique, and shape global


CTM (club transmediale) is dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music and sound creation, as well as the diverse range of artistic activities and social practises that develop within and connect to those audio cultures. Thus, the festival reflects on the agency of contemporary sound creation within the cultural fabric of society and its technological and social transformations. It explores the intersections of contemporary music and audio art with other artistic forms and cultural fields. A special emphasis is put on the creative use of new technologies, the interplay of sound with other media formats, the situational potential of live performances, the formation of social networks, and the advancement of a positive form of globalization.


Previous transmediale Award winners have included renowned artists such as Herman Asselberghs, Shilpa Gupta, Graham Harwood / Richard Wright / Matsuko Yokokoji, Zhou Hongxiang, Istvan Kantor, Thomas Koener, Julia Meltzer/David Thorne, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Netochka Nezvanova, schoenerwissen, ubermorgen.com, Adrian Ward, Herwig Weiser and 242.pilots. The Vilem Flusser Theory Award, in collaboration with the Vilem_Flusser_Archive of the University of Arts (UdK) Berlin, has been awarded to Simon Yuill (2008), Denis Roio aka jaromil and Brian Holmes (2009).

Jury of the transmediale Award 2010 are Michelle Kasprzak(Edinburgh), Jose Luis de Vicente (Barcelona/Madrid), Li Zhenhua(Beijing/Zurich), Yves Bernard (Brussels), Doreen Mende (Berlin/Karlsruhe).

Vilem Flusser Theory Award 2010 advisory committee members include Marcel Marburger (_Vilem_Flusser_Archive, Berlin), Oliver Grau (Danube University Krems) and Sabeth Buchmann (Academy of Fine Arts,Vienna)

transmediale Advisory Board are Alex Adriaansens (Rotterdam), Dr. Marie Cathleen Haff (Berlin), Prof. Saskia Sassen (New York), Yukiko Shikata (Tokyo).

transmediale is a project of the Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, in cooperation with the House of World Cultures and funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.
CTM is a project by DISK / club transmediale GbR funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and DISK Initiative Bild & Ton e.V.

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HYL/SHOUT Performance Festival 2009 - Oslo, Norway

I can't help to post other people's open call here on this blog, thinking that there are people who either have something they want to show or people would be going to these places, but sometimes just how other people are organising art events can be inspirational. The idea of video marathon did happen here in Hong Kong many many years ago but not a performance marathon.I still wonder if this is only a marketing strategy.

This is a call for participation in a two month long performance marathon which is
scheduled to run from August 1, 2009 through September 30, 2009, in Oslo, Norway.
If you wish to participate with works you are welcome to submit documentation of
previous performances, plan(s) of the performance(es) you wish to show at this
festival, and a brief CV. Photos should be printed on A4 sized paper. Video documentation should be on a DVD with a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

The performance festival is meant, to a certain degree, to be of an activist nature, thus the name HYL/SHOUT Performance Festival 2009. (For an understanding of how we
interpret the word activist, think of direct action, legal/illegal demonstrations, and
intervention in public spaces, etc.) The festival will take place mostly in non-traditional settings like shopping malls, on public transport, in streets, in public parks, etc, i. e. whatever creative places outside of the traditional venues of art galleries and museums you can think of.

Please indicate in the calendar below what date(s) you prefer to perform, your name,
title of your work(s), your e-mail address and phone number, and print and send together with the above mentioned material to:
Åse Karlsen, Stensbergsgata 23 C, NO-0140 Oslo, Norway.

Deadline: June 10, 2009, stamped envelope.

If selected, you'll have to pay your own travel expenses to Oslo, Norway, but we will
provide accommodation on a sofa, or similar, in a private home for two participants
for a maximum of four nights. Please bring your own sleeping bags and towels, etc.

Please indicate in the calendar below what date(s) you prefer to perform, your name, title of your work(s), your e-mail address and phone number:

Saturday 1. August
Eva Drangsholt, commencement location, kl 21 – 22, "Sekhet Iaru", e@evdr.net, no phone

星期一, 5月 11, 2009

Exhibition, screening and performance at iMAL, Center for Digital Cultures and Technology, Brussels

V.O.S.T. OV/OT explores the connections between cinema, video art and digital art. The starting points are subtle, intermediate and functional elements of the cinema industry, such as subtitles and dubbing used by artists for appropriation and diversion. This program gives a central place to language, transcription and translation.

With: Martin Arnold, Armel Barraud, Pierre Bismuth, Frederico Camara, Jordi Colomer, DEMOLECULARISATION, Christoph Draeger, Reynald Drouhin, Yan Duyvendak, Mario Garc’a Torres, Omer Fast, Xavier Gautier, Pierre Huyghe, Kuda.org, Florence Lazar, Danilo Mandic, Julie Morel & Jocelyn Cottencin, ProjectSinge, Nicolas Provost, RYbN, Anri Sala, Keith Sanborn, Antoine Schmitt, Peter Tscherkassky, Virgil Widric.

Curators: Alexis Chazard & Marika Dermineur.
Exhibition at iMAL with video, sound, digital and interactive installations:

A Tank translated, Omer Fast (is), 2002, Video installation
Black box (Sounds of a society), Danilo Mandic (mk), 2007, Sound installation and publication.
Cinéma muet, Armel Barraud (fr), 2006, Video installation
Je sais, Antoine Schmitt, 1996-1998, Computer, generative algorithms.
L.O.S.T, RYbN, 2009, Computer programmed video installation, LCD screens.
Monkey Party, projectsinge (fr-be), 2006, Video installation
NINGEN, Frederico Camara (br), 2006, Multi-screen video installation
Psychic, Antoine Schmitt (fr), 2004, Interactive installation

Installation at Cinema Nova during de screenings and performances evening:
La philtreraie, Boris Nordmann, Installation

Screening sessions at iMAL every evenings of the exhibition at 20:00:

Al-Haj Mitwalli's Family: Proposal for an Improbable American TV program, Pierre Bismuth (fr), 2006
Babelkamer, Jordi Colomer (es), installation, 2007
Black out, Reynald Drouhin (fr), 2006, 6'
Helenès (Apparition of Freedom), Christoph Draeger (nl), 2005, 18'30''
Intervista, Anri Sala (Al), 1998, 26'
Le lieu de la langue, Florence Lazar (md/fr), 2007, 10'
Safe distance, Production: US AIR Force, Postproduction: kuda.org, New Media Center, Novi Sad, Video black & white & blue, 21'
Blanche Neige Lucie, Pierre Huyghe (fr), 1997, 4'
E.T. and me, Xavier Gautier, France, 2000, video, color, sound, 1’
Fast Film, Virgil Widric (at/lux), 2003, 35 mm, silent, 14'
I scream, Julie Morel & Jocelyn Cottencin (fr), 2009, generative computer program transferred on video, various length
Michiko, Xavier Gautier (fr), 2000, video, color, silent, 0´48”
Œil pour œil, Yan Duyvendak (nl), 2002, 6'
Outer Space, Peter Tscherkassky (at), 1999, 35 mm Scope, silent, 10'
Papillon d'amour, Nicolas Provost (be), 2003, DVD, b/w, 4’
Passage à l'acte, Martin Arnold (usa), 1993, 16 mm, silent, 12'
The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproductibility by Walter Benjamin as told to Keith Sanborn, Keith Sanborn (usa), 1996, video, 4'
tv sweet, Marie Daubert (fr), 1997, 6'

A New Geography of Art in the Making

Organised by ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany and Goethe-Institut Hongkong

In collaboration with Chinese University of Hong Kong

Two-day workshop

A New Geography of Art in the Making

May 21 & 22, 2009 (Thu & Fri)

Goethe-Institut Hongkong

14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wanchai

Organised by the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and Goethe-Institut Hong Kong in collaboration with Chinese University of Hong Kong, the third Global Art and the Museum (GAM) platform will be held at the Goethe-Institut Hongkong on May 21 and 22, 2009 (Thu & Fri).

The programme is in a way a different approach to the museum topic which is taken in Hong Kong. Hong Kong thinks from the ‘hardware’, from the museum building itself, and we try the approach from the ‘software’. Questions like ‘what is the relationship between contemporary art and the idea of a museum?’, ‘what kind of art finds its way to the museum and what not?’, ‘what does it mean when we talk about contemporary art?’ – these questions will be raised and discussed among the invited curators, museum directors and experts from the field.

Like in the previous GAM platforms which took place at the Goethe-Instituts in Sao Paulo and New Delhi, the third platform also intends to discuss some of the most important issues of the globalisation of contemporary art, this time from an Asian perspective. The platform will be organised in three sessions. An introductory session will serve to present the project GAM - Global Art and the Museum (www.globalartmuseum.de) and to discuss its agenda with the participants of the workshop.

Initiators: Prof. Dr. Hans Belting and Dr. Andrea Buddensieg (ZKM).

Session 1: China: Museum and Audiences of Contemporary Art

Session 2: South East Asia: A New Territory of Contemporary Art

Session 3: Hong Kong and Beyond: Metropolitan Art Centres in Comparison

Confirmed participants:
Jahman Anikulapo, Johnson Chang, John Clark, James Elkins, Patrick Flores, Fei Dawei, Gao Minglu, Gao Shiming, Huang Zhuan, Kuroda Raiji, Dinh Q Le, Lu Jie, Charles Merewether, Nathalie Boseul Shin, Jim Supangkat.

Moderators: Jane Debevoise, Oscar Ho, David Clarke

Please note:
May 21 & 22, 2009 (Thu & Fri):semi-internal workshop
May 22, 2009 (Fri) 6:00pm – 8:00pm:open session
Enquiries: Goethe-Institut Hongkong (Alice Ho) Tel: 2802 0088/ kultur@hongkong.goethe.org


星期二, 5月 05, 2009


Dorkbot first appears in New York describing a group of artists (sound/image/movement etc), designers, students, scientists who meet monthly to discuss and to involve in the creation of electronic arts. Dorkbot is now made popular as a global movement of small, an autonomous gathering among people interested in the creation of arts which are inspired by technology. Under Dorkbot:VAC, Hong Kong Visual Arts Center will be transformed into a platform for active exchange, interaction and discussion of new media art through a series of art activities that suits people from all ages and backgrounds.

Having the honour of inviting Keith Lam, a rising star in the international new media art scene who has just won the prestigious PRIX Ars Electronica 2008 with the work — Moving Mario (2007-8), Keith will lead a series of activities which are inspired by the concepts and skills behind his creation in Dorkbot:VAC between May till October 2009.

High-technology is not necessarily the gist among Keith Lam's works. For Keith, the question of new media is to create works that can captivate his audience to think about the relationship between human and space, human and human or space and space. Hence his works such as Moving Mario (2007-8), Mobile Brush (2007) and His-story (2008) attests the artist's attempt to readjust the tension between human and technology, they alarm our over-reliance on technology is, in fact, manipulating the relationship between human and machines since the Modern Industrial Revolution and our flagging sensibility to the past, present and future.

Dorkboot:VAC will kick off with Dorkbot the Gadget from May, other programmes like Cross-disciplined New Media Workshop, Dorkbot Camp, Night Performance etc will then follow throughout this summer and autumn (details to be announced in July APO Newsletter). So stay tuned! Don't Miss it!
Date Toy Remark
(Sunday) Analog Digital: Paper Musical Instrument Deadline of Application: 1.5.2009
(Sunday) Viewable Sound Please state the session that you intend to participate on the application form.
(Sunday) Electronic Body: Wearable Technology I *Stay tuned for detail of application in July APO Newsletter.
(Saturday) Electronic Body: Wearable Technology II

星期六, 5月 02, 2009

Art & Craft Workshop系列 從手藝作業而來的快樂,由夏天一條連身裙開始……

IN the age of new technologies- Revolutionary ideas and technologies are brought into the process of "Make" and "'Grow". DIY culture together with open source movement make everyone an inventor and an entrepreneur. We can build our remote controller, chinese writing pad using ipone, we can build our musical instrument using retro technologies such as the copier, fax machine.
We see 'grow your animation' from people using processing and 'grow your meat' as in bio art research. Generative software are now solving problems for us from random and artificial intelligence.

Democracy is out. We no longer need to be represented, we represent ourselves and we share our presence. The ideas of sustainability and 'living green' is also part of this cureent.

SEE emphasizes sustainability and creativity in life are hosting this 'make my own dress' workshop. Wanna bring in some new technologies here?


手藝作業,讓活在虛擬與數字世界的城市人經驗實在與創造而來滿足,思網絡將於5月舉辦首次一連兩堂的“Make your own DRESS”工作坊,拉攏資深自由設計師兼收藏家Vincent AY與沙田區以布藝在家小本創業的Helen嘗試cross over,教大家自己親手加工與創作一條獨一無二的連身裙,讓你在壓力緊迫的生活,轉移視線在這穿得上身的瑣事花心思,與朋友一同分享「手製」的樂趣,重新感受生活中原始的簡單和快樂。。

Make your own DRESS! 工作坊宣傳短片:

時間:下午2:30 – 5:00
地點:思網絡工作室, 上環皇后大道中233號柏聯樓3樓
導師:資深自由設計師兼收藏家Vincent AY
收費:680元 首次報名優惠 550元正
(連基本裙一條, 包材料費及導師費)
名額:20人 (額滿即止)

如欲參加或有任何查詢,可電郵到 project.see08@gmail.com 或致電 21274504 (Samantha Lam)


Catch the Early Bird rates before the end of May!
The outstanding EVA London programme is online now.

EVA London 2009
Monday 6th - Wednesday 8th July 2009
British Computer Society, London WD2E 7HA

EVA London 2009 will debate the issues, discuss trends and demonstrate
the digitial possibilities in:
• Reconstructive archaeology
* Digital history
* Virtual museology
• Digital arts concepts and practice
• Immersive environments
• Digital performance
• Computer music

If you are interested in the new technologies in the cultural sector –if you are an artist, policy maker, manager, researcher, practitioner,audience evaluator or educator – this conference is for you.

Registration and programme

New International Curator for Liverpool Biennial

Liverpool Biennial has appointed Lorenzo Fusi as curator for the International, the lead exhibition of the Liverpool Biennial festival of contemporary art. He will be working on the development of the programme for the next festival ­ the UK¹s Biennial - which takes place in 2010. Lorenzo will be working alongside curators from the Bluecoat, FACT [Foundation for Art and Contemporary Technology], Open Eye Gallery, and Tate Liverpool under the leadership of Liverpool Biennial Artistic Director, Lewis Biggs.

Lorenzo, who takes up his role in May, is currently Curator of sms contemporanea in Siena (Italy) and until 2008 he was Chief Curator at the Palazzo delle Papesse. He brings to Liverpool almost a decade of experience in delivering contemporary art commissions, with a distinct interest in politically and socially engaged work and a track record in new media and installation at an international level. He has developed a versatile and multi-disciplinary approach reflecting upon contemporary culture as a whole.

For further information about Liver pool Biennial visit www.biennial.com