星期二, 10月 31, 2006

8GG from Beijing residence in U. of Sunderland in November


香港微波新媒体艺术节 11.4-11.15

From http://www.villagypsy.com/2006/10/25/hong-kong-microwave-art-festival/

这次来的艺术家们都是颇有点名气的:Daniel Shiffman,搞Processing的朋友应该知道他吧;Jin Yon Muk,那个做Music Box出名的韩国艺术家;Rafael Lozano-Hemmer,我最欣赏的公共艺术家之一;Camille Utterback,互动影像艺术家等等. 除了这些艺术家的作品展出之外, 艺术节还组织了对今年刚过世的韩国新媒体艺术家白南准Nam June Paik(就是那个做电视墙的)的作品回顾.


星期一, 10月 30, 2006

Chinese Blog related to New Media design

We need money not art
aaajiaostarts we need money not art
Oh No Blog, about design, arch., tech, exhibition, new media art event news and more. Highly recommended.
Playin' wit IT (Keso)(Just seen him at Chinese blogger conference, friendly and highly respected person among bloggers)
Engadget (chinese version) (Also saw Ice Chan in the blogger conference)
Discussion on MAX/MSP and other tech/ art (some good comments and discussion)
阿修 and his blog on Flash, mobile application and rich internet application
Lezplay = Let’s Play, 設計資訊站
Techart group
that produce office live and won the Prix Ars of Ars Electronica 2006, interactive art award. And check out their portfolio

Chinese Blogger Conference: Creativity 2.0 panel

In the pic. from left to right : Zhang Qing, Gino Yu, aaajiao aka WNMNA
on 28th Oct., 2006 in Hongzhou: CREATIVITY 2.0 The event features Régine Debatty, whose weblog is a pioneering platform for critical media art and cultural discourse. The panel will engage activist writers in China and beyond developing the ‘blog’ as open medium of expression to establish unrestricted forms of dialogue, cultural enterprise and community.

Moderators: Tian Sun in Hangzhou, Stephen Kovats in Rotterdam, Vera Tollmann online. Panelists: Regine Debatty, Gino YU, Zhang Qing. Remote panelists: WNMNA, Kuan Huang

星期三, 10月 25, 2006

Arts groups pursue tech's best features to enhance appeal

Sunday, October 22, 2006
By Timothy McNulty, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Arts organizations -- dance companies, classical music ensembles, art museums and the like -- are by their nature old-fashioned. They also depend on attracting a constant flow of ticket-buyers and other funding to survive.

Some 120 arts officials from around the nation came to Pittsburgh for two days last week to look at the cutting-edge techniques for bridging the old world to the new, and drawing new people and energy to the arts, at a Technology in the Arts conference at Carnegie Mellon University.

The question at the conference -- hosted by Carnegie Mellon's Center for Arts Management and Technology -- was not whether technology should be part of how people see, experience and support art. It already is. Instead, the challenge was how to adopt it best, given the dwindling staff and budgets non-profit arts organizations are facing nationwide.

The good news is there is plenty going on in technology to help artists create new works, arts organizations to support them and ultimately for art fans to experience them.

One of the coolest things discussed was www.chicagoartistsresource.org, a Web site launched last year that lists massive amounts of information to help artists thrive.

The site is constantly updated, often with information from artists and other users of the site -- both of those components (updates and user-generated content) are increasingly becoming keys to all thriving Web sites, tech experts said....Read More

London 2 : The Royal Academy of Arts Presents 'USA Today'

It cost 9 pound to go in and does it worth it? Well, if you are are dying to see one or two famous work, ok but the famous works do not mean good work, so you decide.

LONDON - An exhibition featuring new work from The Saatchi Gallery by forty young American artists, will be brought together at the Royal Academy of Arts in USA Today. Over 150 new works of art will be presented including paintings, sculptures and photographs. The exhibition will run from 6 October – 4 November 2006 at the Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington Gardens.

USA Today features a new generation of American artists, together with other young artists who have moved from Europe, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world to work in the United States. The subjects of these recently made art works, most of which are no more than two years old, focus on the artists’ views of world events and America’s place in global society. Many of the artists and their works have already attracted attention through their political references.

Peter Fischli & David Weiss / Flowers & Questions at Tate Modern

Photo from http://www.artknowledgenews.com/Peter_Fischli-David_Weiss.html

While we are in London, we saw this favourite show. Highly recommended, full of wisdom, humorous and contemporary.

"The first major retrospective of Swiss artists Peter Fischli (b1952) and David Weiss (b1946) to take place in the UK will go on display at Tate Modern in October 2006. The artists’creative partnership began in the late 1970s and this exhibition will span nearly three decades of their collaborative practice bringing together more than twenty significant bodies of work."

星期五, 10月 20, 2006

A Show of International Works on Art and Science Opened in Beijing

Last time is already 5 years ago.

Exhibitions: (2006.Nov.11 - Nov.25)
Theme: Harmony & Innovation
# New Explorations: Cutting Edge Explorations in Art & Science

# New Practices: Art & Science’s Application and Study

Symposium: (2006.Nov.11 - Nov.12)
Theme: Value & Creation
Venue: Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University. Beijing, China

reBlog- curate your content

What is a reBlog?
A reBlog facilitates the process of filtering and republishing relevant content from many RSS feeds. reBloggers subscribe to their favorite feeds, preview the content, and select their favorite posts. These posts are automatically published through their favorite blogging software.

Why should you reBlog?
reBlogs are useful to individuals who want to maintain a weblog but prefer curating content to writing original posts. They can also enable organizations to tap the contributions of their employees, members, and communities-at-large in order to easily redistribute relevant content.

What if I don't want to blog anything?

reFeed, the RSS aggregating component is damn sexy and worth using if you just want to read lots of content and not be constrained to one computer.
Download from reblog.
The set up guide from life hacker click here.

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We want our Mac greener

We love Apple. Apple knows more about "clean" design than anybody, right? So why do Macs, iPods, iBooks and the rest of their product range contain hazardous substances that other companies have agreed to abandon? A cutting edge company shouldn't be cutting lives short by exposing children in China and India to dangerous chemicals. That's why we Apple fans need to demand a new, cool product: a greener Apple.

# Tell your friends about this site, especially if they're Mac users. Send this video e-card.
# Link/Blog this site - don't forget to tag your blog entry with greenmyapple. Use these buttons and banners.
# Ask your favorite Apple news source to cover this campaign.
# Add this page to your del.icio.us, furl or other social bookmarking sites.
# Digg this page.
# Add this site to your StumbleUpon favorites.
# Add information and links about this campaign to relevant Wikipedia entries.
# Create a viral animation linking back to this site.
# Design a game.
# Send your old Apple components to Steve Jobs and tell him to figure out a better way to take stuff back (C'mon, you've been holding on to that "hockey puck" mouse for too long. Give it up.)
# Change your email signature to link to this site.
# Send us another idea to post here

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Yours sincerely

Martin Bealey

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地點: 香港歷史博物館地下演講廳
時間: 下午3時至5時30分
名額: 139個座位;先到先得,滿座即止。
費用: 免費參加




Special Recommendation
第一節 :經濟的結晶 -商業建築-----------------陳麗喬博士,巴馬丹拿建築設計事務所董事
第二節 :沒有記憶的城市 -《花樣年華》的唐樓------陳翠兒女士AOS建築事務所
第三節 :無重地帶的建築森林 -九龍城寨與重慶大廈---陳翠兒女士AOS建築事務所張海活先生EDIT Design Ltd. 及大專講師;楊煒強先生EDIT Design Ltd.
第四節 :城市的公共空間 ----------------------杜永德先生香港大學建築系; 源耀邦先生香港及加拿大註冊建築師

星期五, 10月 13, 2006

Branding web 2.0

"...Web 2.0 到底有沒有什麼標準形象? 有沒有什麼 tips 讓 Web 2.0 看起來像 Web 2.0 呢?有的有的,整體來說,Web 2.0 要表現的不外乎幾個重點:親和、開放、互動、人性科技;從許多典型的 web 2.0 網站來看,不難分辨出幾個視覺重點,小寫字母取代嚴肅的大寫字母、顏色通常鮮明亮麗,許多的粉色調,開闊的天藍,活潑的橙色,還有,被戲稱為 Web 2.0 的國民色 lime green檸檬綠,這裡有位Ludwig Gatzke's compilation在他的格裡狂載了400餘個 web 2.0 站台的 logos, 相當有參考價值的 research,可以看出 2.0 的形象輪廓。

I also find this which is a logo listing of web 2.0 applications. You can click on the logo and find out what they are doing on the same page.

Another listing with tag bookmarking so that you can find useful web 2.0 tool directly.

For mapping web 2.0 technology,a buzz cloud is build by Markus Angermeier. A multi language version is avaliable here.

A chinese version is translated by Lauren Lee an editor from Beijing major magazine.

An article (5 pages)that gives a more serious description and analyse of web 2.0.

V2 in China Bloggers Conference

V2_Institute for the Unstable Media will be helping out and participating in the upcoming China Bloggers Conf (see early post) to be held in Hangzhou on the weekend of Oct 28/29. They will be hosting the live stream, and doing some online moderation of selected panels - but more importantly will be hosting a panel entitled CREATIVITY 2.0.

"...In collaboration with the Second Chinese Bloggers Conference, to be
held in Hangzhou China October 28/29, V2_Institute for the Unstable Media is hosting an ‘extra-territorial’ online satellite to the conference in Rotterdam. By examining the role played by the exploding use of weblogs or ‘blogs’ in establishing new forms of dialogue and community, Creativity 2.0 discusses the rise of the blog as an open medium of expression above and beyond the grasp and control of governmental mechanisms.

Recently, and during the past year in particular, it has become increasingly popular to use new tools and expanded online facilities via ‘Blogs’ to create new social identities, define cultural practices and create active communities beyond the physical constraints of urban or national structures. This is especially the case in countries such as the People’s Republic of China in which a new ‘middle landscape’ of an increasingly affluent and mobile citizenry has zealously and enthusiastically attuned to the latest in global technology and telecommunications. Forming a significant part of the ‘Web 2.0′ phenomenon Blogs pick up the faded myth of the Internet as a user generated space of exchange with both cultural and commercial repercussions.

Associated online tools and services such as, YouTube, Biku, Flickr
and del.icio.us augment the omnipresence of Blogs into complex global communities of users linked via an infinite number of personal backgrounds, interests and goals and create new forms of social, cultural, artistic and economic networks. In areas where traditional forms of monitoring and control of information is pervasive the complexity and diversity of blogging’s reach drives the creation of new platforms and forms of expression. Blogs brought to life by anyone anytime are now creating a blogosphere rapidly replacing traditional information structures by unifying in cross-media frameworks the same mechanisms of text and visual tagging, cross-referencing of information, and opinion gathering established with the Internet over a decade ago. But how do these structures originate, who do they serve, and how are the bloggers covered by‘traditional’ or local media? Beyond global entertainment and free-for-all journalism can Blogs instill new cultural identities and open up new zones of dialogue and critique? Can they lead to cultural and artistic production per se, or drown in parody and hasty mash-ups during their authors’ 5 minute bursts of fame?

Creativity 2.0 links the worlds of blogging between Europe, Asia and beyond in a live and online dialogue hosting players active in defining and sharpening both active local communities and establishing new contexts of transnational dialogue."


2nd China Bloggers Conference
Hangzhou, China October 28/29, 2006
Live Rotterdam Satellite Saturday October 28, 10.00 - 14.00 (CEST)

Hot Blogs from Hong Kong

There is a numbers of media coverage on HK blogsphere in this year, starting from the first coverage from Next Magazine to TV media and now to english press. BC magazine had a update report on the 5th Oct issue. Here is an online version.

I try to list the more popular /recommended / referenced blogs here:

Top Blog with audio
Sidekick http://sidekick.mysinablog.com/ (Named Queen of HK bloggers by CMM林子揚)
林子揚CMM http://www.bloggers.com.hk/cmm/ (audio blog)
Angus Ho 香港仔公國Dukedom of Aberdeen (blog.age.com.hk).(politics, film critics)
葉一知: 刁民公園 http://diumanpark.mysinablog.com/index.php (Politics)
星屑醫生http://singsit01.mysinablog.com/ (medical, health living, family & christianity)
Agnes 微 塵 點 滴 http://agneslth.mysinablog.com/ (christianity, family, illustration)
Charles Mok (charlesmok.blogspot.com)chairman of the Hong Kong Internet Society
Central Blogger (centralblogger.blogspot.com), also a columnist for the free am730 daily

Media Interviewed Blogger
網絡暴民 Jacky’s Blog http://jacky.seezone.net/ (politics and film)
Alex Chow 聞.見.思.錄 http://blog.hoiking.org/ (politics)
Poon wing hang Moliulogy 我那無聊文字 http://moliuology.mysinablog.com/index.php (HK bloggers)
Roland Soong - bridgeing chinese and english reader: EastSouthWestNorth blog (www.zonaeuropa.com)

Cultural worker's blog
江康泉 Kongkee飯氣劇場 http://ricegas.blogspot.com/ (comics and writing)
陳志華,孤草 http://gucao.net/blog/ (電影筆記 , cultural workers' / writers' circle)
何故 with students in Chinese University http://www.cuhkacs.org/~hegu/Bo-Blog/index.php (Japanese culture, film, comix)
李智海 http://www.chihoi.net/ (news , comics)
梁文道 http://blog.sina.com.cn/m/mantao
馬家輝。稿紙以外 http://makafai.blogspot.com/

Collective blogging
廿九几 http://29s.blogspot.com/ (comic, poetry and writing)
Blog-You Collective columists such as 光影筆記 http://www.hkbloggers.org/
Free Media http://thefreemedia.com/hk/ (politics, culture, chinese, may be out dated)
錄影力量 http://www.videopower.org.hk/ (social activist, documentary)
香港獨立媒體網 http://www.inmediahk.net/public/index (social, cultural activist)
More than one http://mto.age.com.hk/ (ex http://morethanone.blogspot.com/ )
3 non pro designer 飛磚會 http://flyingbricks.blogsome.com/2005/06/19/aboutus/
2 pro artists 彭 倩 幗 & friend http://www.frombeetobee.net/

Jan's Tech Blog http://www.azuremedia.net/tech/history/blog/ (IT, Tech)
二元之間 2 http://element_2_1.mysinablog.com/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=203982 (HK blogger culture and history)
踢爆香港傳媒 Http://hkmediabuster.blogspot.com/ (media commentary)

HIRADIO http://www.hiradio.net
壹盞燈創作有限公司 (Light Up Creative Works Limited) :istage -podcast news and interview on performance http://www.istage.hk/
Radio 7.1 http://www.radio71.hk/
開台 Open radio http://www.openradiohk.com/
香港人民廣播電台 People's Radio Hong Kong http://www.prhk.org/
RTHK artblog http://www.rthk.org.hk/special/artblog/ (TV program)

Other Cooperate blog

Cantonese Podcaster in Canada
Pigcast 豬欄 http://pigcast.blogspot.com/

Rumour that ISP banded the site, Not The South China Morning Post (www.ntscmp.com)

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Digital Arts Festival Taipei






星期五, 10月 06, 2006

Chinese Blogger Conference

Chinese Blogger means that I am chinese or I write in chinese or I live in China. Anyway all three are semi true to me. Here is the news:

The second Chinese Blogger Conference will be held on 28th and 29th October in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Chinese Blogger Conference is an annual event sponsored by Social Brain Foundation, and organized by volunteers online, for weblog enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to gather together to discuss interesting topics. I attended last year’s first Chinese blogger con in Shanghai, it has been a fantastic experience for me. I made some wrap-up reports (1, 2) on this blog.

I’m sure the 2nd cnbloggercon will also be a very successful event for idea sharing and brain storming. From the proposed schedule, the topics will cover blogging, web 2.0 starups, wikipedia, pocasting, education, cracking skype protocol and many others. The speakers include Keso, the most famous IT blogger in China, Jeremy Goldkorn, chief editor of Danwei.org, and Bo Yang, founder of Douban. I’ll also be a panelist for a panel named “web 2.0: startups and investment” on 29 Oct.

ps. If anyone who is interested in sponsor this event, you can contact yuanzi7@gmail.com.

What have to be done in the age of web 2.0

A talk by PC Home @Taiwan and portal 2.0. to promote portal 2.0 (using firefox engine)
時間: 2006/06/02
主持人: 詹偉雄
主講人: 詹宏志

詹宏志(ex PC Home Taiwan):如果說Web1.0是下載、瀏覽、搜尋,Web2.0就是上傳、分享與建造連接關係。Web2.0也預告著傳統網路商業模式即將面臨巨大的轉變,為了因應Web2.0由使用者主導的潮流,不僅網路服務要更具有Web2.0的精神,連網路經營者的心態都要隨之改變。

About Portal 2.0

星期一, 10月 02, 2006

Just love Danah Boyd

My Flock browser just disappeared when I wanted to post this hacker news from Danah 's blog
Well, it is finished and all I know is firefox is worst than IE in security and My Fock just closes as it wishes. But I remember Danah and her site.

I find this site to see Danah in person. It also have Wiki 's Jimmy Wales. Even though they are a bit dated but it is a good source of people that is related to technology, economy, government, and culture.
Not to be missed also Lawerence Lessig, the Harvard Professor that give us Creative Commons, it was back in 1998...so were we online then?